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CNC Laser Machine: Mechanism, Types, Advantages, and Maintenance Tips

There has been a constant demand in the manufacturing industry to update the machine in a way that it simplifies human work and at the same time deliver excellent quality products. The CNC laser machine was one such invention. A computer guided laser beam helps in producing high quality cuts in a short period of time. Here is some more information on CNC laser machines that will help you understand it better.

CNC Laser Cutter Mechanism

A CNC laser cutting machine relies on a computer instruction coming in from computer numerical control to perform the cutting operation.

These machines do not come in contact with the cutting material as there is a thermal based process. It has a laser head that contains a focusing lens and a nozzle. So the laser beam is focused with the help of the nozzle head and lens to the workpiece. The machine moves in the assigned shape to cut the workpiece by melting it into the desired shape.

It is obvious that when such a high powered laser beam is melting a high density metal, the surface will rapidly heat. To maintain the temperature of the laser head, the CNC machine controls the movement of the laser head and laser beam.

Types of CNC Laser Cutting Machine

The laser cutters are categorized based on the components and state of the laser medium. Here are the three main types of lasers.

  1. CNC Fiber Laser Cutter

They use diodes to create the laser beam which is focused through a fiber optic cable. It is a faster and cleaner approach to cut metals. They support a huge range of materials for the cutting process.

  1. CNC CO2 Laser Cutter

It uses carbon dioxide as the laser medium. This is the common type of laser cutter because it has high power output capability and high efficiency. They work best for cutting acute angles. It can cut metal sheets up to 10mm thick. 

  1. CNC Crystal Laser Cutter

This laser uses crystals like neodymium doped yttrium orthovanadate (Nd:YVO) and neodymium doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG). They have higher intensity than CO2 laser cutters which means they are ideal for thick metals. They are highly compatible with metals, wood, glass, as well as plastic.

Advantages of CNC Laser Cutting Process

Here is the list of advantages that a CNC laser cutting machine has over a conventional CNC machine.

  • CNC laser cutters produce intricate designs and holes. It has a high degree of precision and accuracy.
  • The cuts produced are cleaner so that additional cleaning processes are eliminated.
  • The risk of material distortion and contamination reduces because of its non-contact nature. This also means that it is good for producing items for the medical industry.

Maintenance Tips

Here are some maintenance tips to keep your laser machine receiving clean and sharp cuts.

  1. Regular Cleaning

To keep the machine and its surroundings clean is mandatory or else it might enter the equipment or cut. If the dust enters the machine then it can harm the machine as well. Especially the nozzle head or the focus lens. Focus lenses also get easily ruined when they’re not cleaned properly. To save yourself from any mishaps in future, regularly clean the machine before and after starting the cutting process. Also, ensure to replace the parts like nozzles, lens, lubricating oil, etc. on a regular basis to receive clean cuts every day. You can buy good quality cuts like amada parts, trumpf parts, etc. online.

  1. Clean Filters and Cutting Head

If you use the laser cutter for longer hours it is recommended to replace the ceramic ring and nozzle daily. You can buy good quality amada laser parts, trumpf laser parts, etc. online from authorized dealers. If the nozzle gets damaged during the cutting process, it must be quickly replaced. You must ensure that the dust collection baskets are clean. If you use the laser cutter intensively, it must be clean multiple times a day. The operator can decide the cleaning cycle based on the workload.


The CNC laser cutter has changed the way manufacturing industries operate. The cutting process is now much smoother and delivers clean cuts in a very short time. Businesses have started adopting CNC laser cutting machines and are receiving the benefits of it. To always receive the best quality cuts it is a good practice to start with the demo sheets. You can change the settings if you find any problem with the cut. Once everything is set, start with the large batch of your order.



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