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Everything You Need To Know About Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The fiber laser machines are useful for a wide range of applications. Fiber laser uses different wavelengths to cut metal and non-metals. They can be used for cutting, welding, marking, texturing, cleaning, drilling, etc.

Fiber lasers offer speed and accuracy both. A fiber laser will use optical fibers to create a laser beam. The laser beam is transported to the cutting head. The laser is then condensed down to arrow beams and then used to cut metals of various thicknesses.

They are used across a range of infrastructure and manufacturing apps that can enhance strength and efficiency. 

Let us discuss laser machines in detail.

How Does a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Work?

Fiber laser produces a high-power laser beam by using stimulated radiation. The laser diode emits light, which is sent to the fiber optic cable to amplify. The powerful laser when hits the surface of the material, then the light is absorbed and converted to heat which will melt the surface. The airflow parallel to the laser beam blows away molten material. This allows the workpiece to cut the sheet. The first contact of the laser with the sheet will pierce the sheet.

The laser machine uses computerized digital control that allows the cutting of data from the CAD. They control either the surface of the material or the laser produces a specific pattern. The machine has dual interchangeable platforms, and it is easy to load and unload materials. Thus, this ensures the speedy cutting process with accuracy. The parts that require replacement should be changed immediately. You can use bystronic spare parts, amada spare parts, trumpf spare parts, etc.

Materials Compatible With the Fiber Laser

A fiber laser machine is useful in cutting carbon steel, copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, etc. The fiber laser can also cut reflective materials, which other lasers like CO2 laser are unable to do. Fiber lasers have become much more advanced, and they are able to cut more types of metal fabricators. Good quality spare parts like bystronic spare parts, amada spare parts, trumpf spare parts, etc. will also make a difference. Manufacturing, construction, and infrastructure industries use sheet metals a lot, and thus they prefer laser machines. However, laser machines are gaining popularity in the creative world to make art, sculpture, engraving, etc.

How Thick Your Metal Sheet Should Be?

Different fiber laser machines have different cutting capabilities. But mostly all fiber laser cutting machines can cut metals upto 13mm thickness. Whereas the high power laser machines with 10lW power can cut 2mm, aluminum and stainless steel upto 30mm. To receive the best cut in the thicker material the spare parts must also be up to the mark. You can buy bystronic spare parts, amada spare parts, etc. online. 

Advantages Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

There are so many advantages that show why metal fabricators use fiber laser machines. Some of the advantages are:

  • The machine can adjust according to your industry type
  • Useful for a wide range of materials
  • Machines are capable of adapting different wavelengths, ranges and speeds
  • Better cutting efficiency with reduced time
  • High beam quality for a cleaner edge
  • Low power consumption saves costs
  • No heat risk despite high power production

Disadvantages Of Fiber Laser Cutting

Not everything is perfect, and fiber lasers come with some disadvantages. This list will help you determine whether the fiber laser machine is right for your business or not.

  • Fiber laser machines and its components are expensive
  • Low powered laser machine provide low-quality cuts with thicker materials
  • Lesser finish compared to CO2 lasers

Applications Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Fiber laser cutting machines are useful for different industries. Here are some of them:

  • Automotive Industry: Useful in the production of parts of the car, like doors, breaks, and exhaust pipes.
  • Kitchenware Industry: Many kitchen vessels are made from stainless steel processed by fiber laser cutters.
  • Home Appliance Manufacturing: Laser machines are used by this industry to improve the quality of the appliances and optimize their appearance.
  • Lighting Manufacturing: The pipes in the outdoor lamps are shaped with laser machines.
  • Decor & Art Manufacturing: Fiber lasers are useful in creating graphic designs and patterns in metal sheets. Custom pieces for decorations can be crafted with the machines.


Most of the products in our homes or surroundings have gone through a laser machine at some point. With the results that fiber lasers give, more and more industries have started including laser machines in their process. It helps them improve the appearance of the product. To keep your machine running for a long, regularly replace it with bystronic parts, fancy parts, amada parts, trumpf parts, etc.



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