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4 Industries that Depend Heavily on Laser Cutting

Laser cutting has various applications in different sectors. Its popularity and capabilities depend on the cut, speed, and high precision. But still, lasers are faster and accurate than other cutting equipment. They are safe as execution takes place in a tight lightbox. It means the laser is away from hands and other body parts and thus prevents any accidental harm. 

It is also cost-effective. It reduces the wastage of materials, requires less maintenance (all thanks to consumables such as Hypertherm powermax 65 fine cut consumables), and can work with an array of different materials. Besides, spares like Hypertherm plasma cutter parts extend their life shell, which again helps save cost. 

All these factors are the reason why many industries prefer laser cutting services. 

Here are a few of those:

1. Aerospace

The aerospace industry is one of the greatest utilizers of precision engineering. They need high-quality lasers to cut down metal sheets and parts and produce airplanes. 

These laser cuts provide them with the accuracy and versatility that are must for mechanical and construction work. Using it, they can cut parts into significantly smaller ones and also create microscopic holes. They can also cut heavy-duty aluminum alloys and other rare metals with low heat-affected zones and flawless finish. 

Apart from this, laser cutting can also help with combustion liners, metal detectors, trolleys, conveyors, and stillages. The combined use of laser drilling and engraving methods can produce unmatched results.

2. Automotive

Just like aerospace, the automotive industry depends on intricate parts and components. And you can engineer them via laser cutting methods. For example, turning metals into different forms. 

Most of the manufacturers prefer metal turned into 3D forms, especially on exotic vehicles. And for this, they prefer high precision laser cutting services. They can produce clean, smooth, and consistent designs without any error. 

However, that’s not the only limit to the use of laser cutting. You can also use it to sever cloth for airbags. When used on airbags, they can instantly melt the fabric leaving no fragments of frayed materials. 

3. Electronics

In this industry, laser cutting has a high demand due to its ability to accurately cut delicate parts and components. 

With every passing year, this demand doubles. The transition of SD cards to microSDs is one of the examples to justify it. 

This transition also states that you cannot use conventional processes for cutting. It has to be ultra-precise laser tools. One of its popular examples is multi-layer circuit boards. 

As lasers require less marginal space to cut, they can cut accurately. And thus, manufacturers can design circuit boards in the smallest dimensions. 

Lasers also play an essential role in cutting finished products—for example, plastic and metal cases for mobile phones and laptops.

4. Medical

This industry produces parts, equipment, and devices that need to be swift, precise, and flawless. Lives depend on them, and so quality, consistency has to be of the highest standard. 

Indeed, laser cutting makes it possible for devices to be perfect. Look at high-grade stents that relieve kidney stone pain and birth control measures. Lasers cut them. 

Laser cutting technology is also used to produce hospital supplies such as stainless steel bed frames and trolleys, bone reamers, valve framers, vascular clips, etc. 

They also help with cutting exotic metals like titanium. These metals prove useful for surgical tools and orthopedic pins and clips. Based on their nature, i.e., hard to process and extensive tool wear, laser cutting cuts down the material. 

Perhaps, the most significant use of laser cutting in medicine is to perform surgery on human skin, bones, and organs. As they cut precisely, swiftly, and cleanly, they are a preferable option.


Laser cutting technology provides the best precision over other methods. It’s only because of it that we can enjoy the advancements in technology and services. Today, it’s four. Soon, it shall be in demand in almost all the industries.

That’s it for the day!

Meanwhile, keep reading and experimenting with laser cutting technology. If any of the parts wear out, go for Hypertherm plasma cutter parts.

Source: https://www.sooperarticles.com/automotive-articles/4-industries-depend-heavily-laser-cutting-1801020.html


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