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ProCutter: Details, Features, and Benefits

ProCutter has a unique feature that uses a linear bearing system for accurate and excellent cuttings. The benefits of ProCutter are:

  • User-friendly 
  • Easy and simple to install
  • Plastic strip for sightline that helps to see the cutting line
  • Helps in cutting thickness up to 20mm 
  • The dust-free operation to closely work with printers

ProCutter utilizes fiber optic cable for beam transmission, making it easy to use in conjunction with the plasma process, as there are no mirrors that will contaminate it. It has a height sensing system that helps to maintain constant height for the best cut quality. 

Features and Benefits of ProCutter:

  • Automatic focus position for fast machine setup
  • Reduces the piercing time
  • The high cutting speed at any operating temperature
  • Beam path completely sealed
  • The simple and safe cartridge replacement system
  • Tool center point retention
  • Permanent protective window monitoring
  • Easy exchange of lens cartridge
  • Quickly changes protective window cartridge
  • LED operating display
  • Displays operating parameters via Bluetooth
  • Monitors pressure in the nozzle area and head
  • Height sensing system for the best quality
  • Ceramic near the nozzle gives protection from collision

Along with all these features and benefits, other cutting features come with the ProCutter. ProCutter has some cutting features that make cutting easy and accurate and help improve the machines’ life and mechanisms. It works smoothly as it can work fast and efficiently.

ProCutter 2.0 is an impressive cutter for its high performance and automation, making it a reliable choice, especially for a load capacity in flatbed and tube cutting systems. It has a maximum laser power of 30 kW.

Different consumables are an important part of these cutters, like ESAB plasma cutter consumables and Hypertherm hpr260 consumables. Like a torch, these consumables target the area and then cut, which makes for an accurate cut.

There are many advantages to ProCutter. Using these cutters, the cutting process becomes easy and accurate.

Advantages of ProCutter

  • Maximum Productivity

These cutters are now an important part of every industry. Nowadays it is very easy to choose both, high utilization of machines and less payback period. New technology helps to reduce the number of reworks.

ProCutter uses high speed; the cutting head of the cutter works at a speed of 30 kW. This speed is possible as its mechanism has the best cooling concepts and extended travel paths. It has a very optimized design that increases the cutter’s speed up to 25%, even when it does not require laser power. It also has a magnification feature that makes the process compatible with every type and thickness of material. 

This helps to increase the productions and saves time and energy. Using this benefits the industry in every way.

  • Intelligent Sensors

Using this cutter, one can have the best quality and stability. It has a mechanism of Pierce-Tec, which is an automation process that helps to achieve consistent holes and the best surface quality. This mechanism helps to save time in reworkings and operating costs. The acquired real-time information helps reduce the machines’ downtime.

The cutting head has smart sensors to monitor the conditions of critical components or cutting process parameters. The sensor provides planned maintenance and utilizes spare parts efficiently, reducing the costs and providing more safety.

The main advantage of using this cutter is that one can easily access the data from their phones with the ProCutter app. It also becomes easy to see the error messages.   

End Words

It is always good to use ProCutter to have the best quality and accuracy in cutting heads. The consumables like ESAB plasma cutter consumables help for more targeted cuttings. They have a torch type cutting for accuracy.



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