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Laser Cutting Parts: Nozzle Types and Uses

Cincinnati Lasers are fiber laser systems that give high speed cutting on thin materials at low operating costs. This reduces the time and cost for the operators as it makes the cutting process fast and accurate. As it is a machine, there are chances that it will need some repairing after some time. Some companies provide spare parts for such laser machines. One can easily find the Mazak spare parts for these laser machines when required. 

Cincinnati laser has a touch screen display, easy to use buttons, and a full-sized keyboard. This has prima optics that are very much important to focus on the cuttings by lasers. It can easily operate on Windows Operating System, which makes it simple to use for the operator. This has a camera attached that makes it easy to see the process of cutting.

Laser technology has made many changes in the industries. Using this technology helps to easily cut and engrave materials for the best result and quality. Nozzles are for cutting or engraving the materials based on the programs set up for the process.

Advantages of Laser Technology

  • Highly Accurate
  • Excellence in Cut Quality
  • Speed in High Processing
  • Very small heat-affected zone compared to others
  •  Low application of heat
  • Cutting and marking with the same tools
  • Cuts many materials
  • No contact between material and tool
  • High-pressure laser cutting

Principles of Laser Cutting 

  • Rear Mirror
  • Output Mirror
  • Polarizing Mirror
  • Telescope Mirror
  • Beam Bender
  • Cutting Carriage
  • Adaptive Mirror
  • Focusing Mirror
  • Cutting Head
  • Cutting Nozzle 

The standard nozzle for the Cincinnati lasers helps in engraving and cutting. There are different sizes of the nozzles according to the requirements of the cuttings and designs.

The nozzle’s correct size is very important for a perfect cutting, e.g., nozzles with large holes are for high-pressure cutting. If the size of the nozzle is a bit large, the cutting gas consumption increases and without affecting the cutting process. If the size of the nozzle is too small, the material cannot part easily. 

Importance of Nozzle Distance

The nozzle distance is very important for the cutting processes and is programmed for height control. The nozzle does not touch the material for cleaner cutting.

The distance between the material and the nozzle affects the quality of the cutting. The smaller distance between the nozzle and material gives a perfect cutting quality. There are some restrictions for better cutting:

  1. For safe cutting, the minimum distance is a must.
  2. Minimum distance is approximately 0.025 inches.
  3. The nozzle distance is small or large for hole piercing, which depends on the thickness of the material.

Sizes of Nozzles

  • Short Nozzle with large hole diameter (7mm)

Laser cutting and engraving are done using this size of nozzle and are mainly used for laser acrylic processing. It gives a beautiful flame-polished edge.

  • Short Nozzle with small hole diameter (3mm)

The use of this nozzle is mainly for the cutting of those materials that emit excess smoke, like wood. This has a small opening that blows away smoke and cutting gases.

It is not suitable for engraving dust intensive materials like rubber or stamp plastic. Engraving dust settles at the nozzle’s opening, which blocks it, causing burn holes in the lens.

  • Long Nozzle with small hole diameter (3mm)

This is suitable for the combination with a 2.5-inch lens, useful for the large focal length between the nozzle and the material.

  • Copper Nozzles for laser cutting with compressed air

These copper nozzles are short with a hole diameter of 1.7 mm. As this has an extremely small diameter, the airflow directly targets the kerf, which makes for a clear cut. 

These are suitable for cutting thick materials like wood with 5mm or polycarbonates. This attachment comes in 4 different lengths, depending on the lens’s length and focal distance.

End Words

The spare parts are important for handling such laser machines. Mazak spare parts are very important for Cincinnati lasers, as they provide accurate parts that help maintain the machine. Using standard nozzles helps to cut the materials and engrave them with the right technique. Nozzles do not touch the material while cutting for the best quality. The sizes of nozzles affect the cutting quality.



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