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Five Ways to Maintain your Laser Machine

Laser machines are present in every industry today. Everywhere today we see, there is a lot of buzz about it. People are using it to create magical equipment, designing and engraving wonderful things. 

Fabricators spend thousands of dollars purchasing laser machines and maintain them. You need to keep them up and running all the time as customers can require things at any time. By the end of the day, it becomes very difficult to handle everything on your own and at minimal expense.

Maintaining machines is one of the major issues many fabricators face like oiling them regularly, replacing its parts like fanuc parts, fanuc spare parts, and many others. But, maintenance is essential so that you can deliver quality products to your customers. 

You might be thinking how you can do it efficiently. 

Here, in this article, we will discuss some of the ways you can efficiently maintain your machines and keep them up and running.

If you don’t maintain a machine then the light from the laser passes through an optical window to reach the workpiece. If the window is not clean properly then the light beam may defect and lose the majority of properties. To avoid this situation, we need to maintain our laser machines. Maintaining also includes replacing laser machine’s parts with high-quality Fanuc parts and Fanuc spare parts.

Now, let’s first understand why you need to maintain a laser machine?

The efficiency of laser cutting machines depends largely on how well you are maintaining it. Your machine might be under service contract and 24-hour technical support, it is always a smart move to follow these simple steps to clean and ensure there are no delays on deliveries or tempers frayed.

Timely maintenance of laser machines helps you to ensure longevity and saves you money. It’s not a tough job.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the tips for maintaining laser machines

1. Cleaning External Parts First

Maintaining and cleaning the external parts of your machine tasks hardly 5 minutes a day. Insulated housing protects the brain of the machine i.e. control board and other electronics parts. The internal parts do not need user intervention.

Everyday maintenance of machines reduces by extraction or exhaust system. Routine checkups are limited to external cleaning of engraving areas, mirrors, and fume extraction outlets.

2. Wipe Lenses

Before any operation and after 8 hours of laser operation, make sure to visually inspect all optic lenses. This means keep an eye on all three mirrors and focus lenses of your machine. Check smudges, debris, or any kind of residual grime.

Wipe the mentioned things with non-alcoholic liquid which you receive while you purchase the laser machine. Remember a clean machine gives you better results. Accumulation of unwanted particles created scratches and damage the lens, mirror, and overall degradation in the quality of desired product.

3. Proper Oiling

Any machine needs proper oiling to work smoothly. Remember lubricants are key to maintenance in any machine. Over time, of course, laser machines and its parts like Fanuc parts, Fanuc spare parts, and many others suffer from corrosion. If you don’t use proper oil then the laser path gets affected. 

Move the slider back and forth to apply oil evenly on all surfaces. Lubricate each and every part properly as it helps to reduce friction and wearing out. It can prevent rust and lockups. When the parts are moving with clean lubricant then it puts less stress on the motor and therefore extends its life.

4. Renew the Cycle

Laser engraving machines are recycled using distilled water which acts as a coolant for laser beams. If you use it for a long time then it leads to contamination of the tube.

After using for 2 to 3 weeks, remove water and add a new stream of distilled water. Water tank cleaning is important for a machine’s long life. Be sure to check and ensure tightness on those joints to avoid leaks. This way the laser tube will perform in better conditions.

5. Take Advice from Experts

If you are ever stuck in something or with some mechanical problem, rather than solving on your own contact your company’s technical staff. I am sure they will help you solve the issue. The reason behind not doing it on your own is there are chances you might do some mistake which can lead to machine failure. 

Final Words:

Always make sure to maintain your machines properly as it results in having proper product output. We all know the consequences of not maintaining them properly. Efficient working of your machines plays an important role to satisfy your customers’ requirements and grow your business.



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