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How Can Amada Laser Parts Enhance Your Fabricating Efficiency?


How Can Amada Laser Parts Enhance Your Fabricating Efficiency?

Amada is one of the well-known leaders in making precision laser cutting systems. Every day, thousands of manufacturers around the world rely on various laser cutting machines for producing various products. The manufacturing with a laser cutting device is consistent, cost effectively, and precise.

Many businesses believe that purchasing a pre-owned laser cutting system is a better way of increasing capacity and extending their capabilities at a reasonable price. Besides, a well maintained used laser can still provide many years of service.

The cutting instrument is always under high tension while in operation. As it has to undergo extreme stress, the wear and tear of the equipment is inevitable. For the laser cutting to function without fatigue, the laser consumables and spare parts need proper care and an expert supervision. The usage of standard laser consumables can do this for you. Better lesser machine spare parts can directly have an impact on your production and profit margins.

With Amada Laser Parts you cut faster. The faster you cut saves your cutting time. With more precision, the lesser you have to scrap due to high quality cuts. This makes your business more productive. Some off the cuff laser cutting improvements are available in the market for making this happen.

These few notable improvements can reduce your overall cutting cost. It is possible as Amada laser consumables reduce your cutting time and reduce the wastage of metal. What do the Amada laser parts have on board which makes it so relentless?

Let us find out!

Fusion Cutting Technology

The new design of nozzles and laser cutting machine has made it possible to increase the productivity up to 27%. For this dramatic increase in productivity, it uses fusion cutting technology. When using nitrogen gas, it makes it even stronger. These new Amada Laser Parts allow for improved piercing and lesser burr formation. The material also does not go through discoloration. In fact, it creates a smoother appearance on the cut edge.

With Amada’s new high speed cutting laser spare parts, fabricators can have a colossal increase in cutting speed and work output. In addition to almost double cutting speed, this new package decreases gas usage by up to 80%. This enhances your efficiency and productivity.

ECO Nozzle

The nozzles of any laser cutting machines are always under high tension. This is because it constantly projects the heated laser beam on the material. The nozzle has to be stealth and easily removable, as it needs constant replacement and superior care for better results. What if this nozzle can also be Eco friendly?

The new ECO Nozzle from Amada is a huge stride forward in the design of the laser head itself. For fabricators that use nitrogen assisted gas, this new nozzle technique allows much higher cutting speeds. In addition, it also dramatically reduces the assist gas usage. In fact, the Eco Nozzle can match the speed of the high speed cutting package described above, while using up to 70% less gas.

Bright Line Fiber Technology

Last but not the least, Amada’s brightline fiber laser cutting system features a number of prominent advances. It brings on table increased maximum sheet thickness with higher quality piercing. It also allows higher feed rates on complex cutting parts.

Along with this, there also are other improvements, which allow faster cutting, less waste, and greater profitability for your business. The quality and speed of the bright line fiber laser cutting system will leave no reason for you to believe that this is a major advancement in precision metal fabrication technology.



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