What is plasma cutting? Function and benefits

An accelerated jet of burning plasma is used to cut through workpieces made of electrically conducting materials. Thick sheet metal may be efficiently cut with this method, whether you are fabricating finished products or producing artwork. 

Plasma cutting provides countless options for cutting materials like stainless steel, aluminum, and more. Let’s go into detail about plasma cutting in this blog, including what it is, how it functions, and its benefits.

What is Plasma?

Solid, gas, and liquid, are the three primary forms of matter you have undoubtedly heard about. But there is also the fourth one. It is indeed plasma.

Plasma can be found in the natural world however it is most common in the upper atmosphere of the planet. Plasma-based solar winds are the cause of the well-known polar lights. Plasma is also used in lighting and high-temperature fire.

Plasma is an ionized gas-like material that conducts electricity. This indicates that some atoms have electrons missing and that additional free electrons are present. Plasma is created when gas is warmed to an increased temperature. Therefore, plasma is frequently referred to as an ionized gas.

Because the atoms are not always in contact with one another, plasma is comparable to gas. In addition, it responds to an electrical and magnetic field similarly to liquids in terms of its ability to flow.

How do plasma cutters operate?

A thermal cutting technique is plasma cutting. In other words, it melts the metal rather than mechanically cutting it.

The general operation of the system never changes. Compressed air or other gases, such as nitrogen, are used in plasma cutters.

In most cases, the electrode comes into touch with the compressed gases, which ionize to increase the pressure. A stream of plasma is pushed in the direction of the cutting head as the pressure increases.

A stream of plasma is produced when the cutting point restricts the flow. This is subsequently applied to the workpiece. The workpiece is electrically linked to the ground through the cutting table since plasma is electrically conductive.

The metal melts because of the high temperature when the plasma arc comes into touch with it. The molten metal is simultaneously blown away by the fast-moving gases.

Benefits of plasma cutting machine:

  • The functioning of one or more burners depending on the series
  • Cutting of medium- and large-thickness high-alloy steel and aluminum materials
  • Wonderful performance in soft steel thicknesses of small and medium
  • Cutting of structural high-strength steel with less heat input
  • Rapid cutting rates are up to 10 times higher than with oxyfuel
  • The preparation of premium blanks for medium and thick-gauge sheet metal
  • Automated cutting with plasma is possible.
  • Plasma cutting in water provides shallow heat exposure and minimal noise at work.

Plasma cutting applications:

  • Manual plasma cutters:

Typically manual plasma cutters use workshops for thin metal processing, factory maintenance, agricultural maintenance, welding repair centers, metal service centers, construction work such as buildings and bridges, commercial shipbuilding, trailer production, car repair, and artistic creations. On the other hand, if you are having trouble with your cutter and are having problems, you should go for esab replacement parts immediately.

  • Mechanized plasma cutters:

When combined with cutting tables, mechanical plasma cutters are typically substantially larger than manual plasma cutters. Punching, laser, or robot cutting systems can all be connected with mechanized plasma cutters.  

The available table and portal determine the size of a mechanized plasma cutter. Since these systems are difficult to maneuver, layout of the system, as well as all of its components, should be taken into account before installation.

Here, esab replacement parts offer combo systems that can be used for both welding and plasma cutting when you require parts. The general rule in the industrial sector is that the more complex the needs are for plasma cutting, the more expensive it will be.

Cutting with plasma that has a more substantial constriction effect:

You need 100% guaranteed plasma parts to increase plasma column confinement and produce a more stable necking arc. Thus this is where you should turn to esab plasma cutter parts.

The centrifugal force shifts the highest pressure point to the plenum’s edge, and the minimum pressure point substantially closer to the axis as the number of inlet gas vortices rises. With more swirls, there is a more significant gap between the maximum and minimum pressure.

The widening of the arc caused by the considerable pressure differential in the radial direction causes a high current density and ohm heating close to the axis.

Wrapping it up:

Finally, if you are looking for the best plasma parts that matter on your budget, then have the best esab plasma cutter parts to fit your needs. They provide the premium Hypertherm series for individuals wishing to invest in high-quality equipment at a higher price point. The parts all offer exceptional cutting performance, efficiently handling even the most challenging cutting tasks.



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