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Why do Industries Prefer Plasma Cutting Method?

Are you looking for easy ways to cut metals? And what if I tell you that the solution is easy to use on metals like steel? The solution is a plasma cutter, a tool that has already replaced the use of traditional torches. And the great part is that it also comes with many added advantages. And so, many industries use it, as it has many applications. Keep reading further to explore more on this topic. 

What is Plasma Cutting?

To get you started, let me introduce you to plasma cutting. It is a melting process in which a jet of ionized gas works at temperatures above 20,00 degrees Celsius and is used to melt and expel the material from the cut. 

The process reverts the gas to its normal state, emitting an intense heat that melts down the metal, and the gas flows from the cut. Plasma gasses usually include Argon, Hydrogen, or Nitrogen which can easily replace the air. This process can easily be done with Hypertherm plasma cutter parts as it comes with 

Why do Industries Choose Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cutting is a globally used technique to cut steel and other metals in the industry. These cutters make use of inert gas and have four main applications discussed below.

Main Applications:

Plasma cutting tools are widely used in the aircraft industry because they majorly use metal components. It is used in the military aircraft industry and the commercial aircraft industry as well. It is also widely used in the automotive industry as well, as it helps with cutting, welding, and creating different parts for automobiles. It is also important for the people working in the locksmith industry. Because they’re the use of these parts becomes really important. All in all, it is important in all those industries where there is a vast use of metal parts. These parts serve an important role in the functioning of those industries. 

Precise Cutting:

The major advantage of using metal cutting tools is the precision in the results. Hypertherm powermax 45 consumables are plasma cutter parts that can help you figure out these things for you. Apart from normal functions, these tools precisely cut the metals along curved lines. This is done with the help of templates, making it possible by creating a heat-affected zone. This enables smooth cutting.

No Effect on Surrounding Area:

Another advantage of such plasma cutting tools is that the area being cut, the metal surrounding is not affected in the process, mostly it is cold, while the heat affected area is made such that it is easy to cut. This is the most used technique where the surrounding metal needs to be protected from heat.

Fast Functioning:

Speed is what differentiates between a traditional cutting tool and a plasma cutter. A plasma cutter can cut metals five times faster than traditional cutters.

You can choose the plasma cutters according to your use because it comes in different sizes. The other best thing is that these are highly portable tools, and as it uses inert gasses, these tools are way safer than other traditional tools. 

The plasma cutters are computer-based, making the cutting process easy and simple. It also helps with the cutting of different dimensions and specifications.

The only disadvantage of these tools is that they are not equipped to cut wood or plastic use.


A plasma cutter is one of the efficient tools for people working with metals. Buyers of these tools need to choose the most suitable one amongst those available in the market. These plasma cutting methods are used in almost all industries where there is a large use of different metal parts. So, if you want quick and accurate results on metal cutting parts, go with it. What are you waiting for? 



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