7 Benefits of Using a Laser Cutting Machines

Metal fabrication is widespread these days and is extensively used in today’s world. It is one technology that is picking up pace in the metal industry. And the demands are high because it has many benefits attached to it. Keep reading further to explore more about this. 

First, let me make things simple for you by explaining what laser cutting technology is. Laser cutting technology uses a laser to vaporize the materials, resulting in a cut-edge piece. This technology is generally used for industrial manufacturing applications. These days, it is used in schools, for small businesses, by hobbyists, and by most architects. Keep reading further to explore its benefits.


To know why the architects and industry people require Fanuc parts and what all added advantages it has, read further. 

  1. Flexibility:

Laser cutting does not require a separate tool for each different kind of cut. It functions on the same tools suitable for cutting various shapes within the same material thickness. Thus, it is flexible and does not complicate any cuts to create problems.

  1. Precision:

One significant benefit of using a laser cutting machine is that it works way better when compared to other metal cutting methods, like a thermal cutting machine. It has an accuracy of +/-0.1mm and has the highest precision without any aftereffects or treatment. Therefore, no added tolerance is required.

  1. Repeatability:

The repeatability of +/-0.05mm helps ensure that the parts have replicas of each other. 

  1. Speed:

Laser cutting is a fast process, and with the modern version that has come into play, it makes the process much quicker, even for complex cuts. It is the fastest when compared to plasma or flame-cutting lasers. Also, it helps maintain the thickness of 10mm, making it a more efficient laser cutter. 

  1. Automation:

Though most of the processes are automated, some workforce is required to operate this highly automated machine. An experienced operator plays a tremendous role here, as it makes the process faster without compromising the quality standards of the result.

These days machines come with feeding systems and conveyors, making it more costly but making the work easy for you. 

  1. Quality:

Using a proper setup helps to improve the quality of the end product. The result depends on the quality of the raw material used. Usually, it comes with a slight heat zone with a HAZ area, resulting in more reliable and predictable parts. And in most cases, it is not even necessary to remove the slight burr. 

  1. Contactless Cutting:

Contactless cutting makes only the beam come in contact with the material, so there is no wear and tear in any machinery parts. Therefore, you can use quality Fanuc spare parts to help you with the same. You can make the machine last longer because there is no damage to it. 

  1. Versatility:

One of the most important aspects of laser cutting is its versatility, as laser cutting is used for many different materials, including paper, wood, acrylic, metals and so on. A single machine can function on different things and needs to do different jobs on different materials. A few can even perform for box sections and open channels. 


There are many advantages of using a laser cutting machine. We hope this article provided you with the seven advantages of using a laser cutting machine. So, what are you thinking? If a single machine can do so much and provide you with these many advantages, you just need to buy it without giving it a second thought, so just go for it.



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