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4 Tips to Increase the Shelflife of Laser Cutting Machine

Laser machines are expensive and it’s not a hidden fact. If you are spending thousands of dollars behind a machine, it is essential to preserve them and take care of them. Every business have different materials to cut. To add to this, the number of hours the machine is on also matters. All these factors decide the cleaning routine of the laser machine. So, here we have some tips for you that might help you to increase your machines life.

Clean the Laser Cutter Regularly

There are three elements that must be perfectly maintained in a laser machine.

  1. The water tube must be cleaned and the water inside it should be changed weekly. This ensure the water tube is able to cool the laser machine which starts heating up after some time. The water used inside should be deionized to prevent any kind of deposits to gather inside the tube.
  2. The extraction of dust particles is also essential. Cleaning process is important to avoid any deposit formation inside the machine. This layer formed by the deposits can be flammable. The high end laser machines have pre installed extractor with filters. Other machines have only low power fan. So if your machine have fans only then it is worth adding a power extraction system. You should do cleaning of your machine and surroundings daily.
  3. The X and Y axis of the machine must be kept clean. You can use a soft cloth or a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or any neutral solvent to clean the axis. The movable parts must also be lubricated properly to ensure smooth movement.


Have you ever wondered what could be the ideal location for your laser cutting machine. The machine is sensitive to the climate variation. Thus, it is important to save it from the high temperatures in summer and cold temperature in winters. So what all can we do to increase the life of the laser machine. The temperature of the workshop must be maintained as per the whether. The water that runs inside the CO2 tube should be between 15 to 25 degree Celsius. For summers you can have water coolers to maintain the temperature of your laser machine.

Condition of the Laser Machine

It is advisable to uses the machine in its ideal formats and settings. Because if the you try some random pattern then it might be possible that it breaks some parts of your machine or damages something. We all like to be creativity, but when you are dealing with such expensive machine it is ideal to go the conventional way and not try any random stuff. Also, such machines are made for specific use only. 

Using Suitable Material

Every laser machine have different compatibility with the metals and non metals. It is obvious that you would have purchased the laser machine that work for your business. Meaning the metals or nonmetals that your business requires to cut. So, it is advisable to use only those materials that the laser machine is compatible. It is not suitable to use materials like PVC or leather in laser machine. It is not that laser machine will not be able to cut it, but it will catch fire and it can damage parts of the machine. So if you stick to the materials that the machine is compatible, its life span will definitely increase. And if try something that creates a lot of dust then it is better to clean the mess before using the machine.


Some parts of the laser machine have limited life span. Consumables like lenses, nozzles, etc. requires regular replacement. You can buy bystronic parts, amada parts, etc. online. To do so google “Bystronic laser parts” or the name of the laser brand you have and you will find results of suppliers selling the same.



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