Trumpf laser parts

6 Things to Keep in Mind Before and After Purchasing Laser Machine

Businesses are buying laser machines for various purposes like, cutting, engraving the metals, non-metals or wood. One machine cannot work for all kinds of materials. The capacity and type of laser machine plays a major role in the cutting process. The laser machines require a regular cleaning process and maintenance to get the best quality cuts. Some parts also require replacement in order to save the machine from any further damage. You can find dealers and suppliers who sell authentic and good quality trumpf laser parts or trumpf spare parts, amada spare parts. They also have technicians to help you out with the process. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are looking for a Laser machine or if already have one.

Research Well Before Buying the Laser Machine

Purchasing a laser machine is a huge investment for a business. There are a variety of machines in the market with different sizes, power, and function. So before buying, you must know what are your requirements and purpose of using a laser machine. You can have conversations with the suppliers or distributors and have their opinion as well. You can also ensure whether they have stock of good quality spare parts or not. As you will need to replace some parts at regular intervals of time.

Laser Machine Installation

The certified technician is responsible for setting up the machine including air suction, drainage, and other things. They will know the right setup techniques as there are certain parts that depends on the weather in your region. For example, if you have humidity, you might need an air dryer and cleaner around the compressor. Compressors sometimes have oil and water in the air they produce. If the oil or water blows out from the laser head then it will stick on the lens. The room you install the machine in should be dust free.

Water Drainage System

The water exhaled from the compressor will be collected in the tank. It is advisable to regularly empty the tank. You can also install an auto drainage system so that you will never have an overflowed tank. This can be useful especially when you have long working hours. You do not have to keep checking the tank or there is nothing to worry in case you forget to empty it manually.

Maintain Air Pressure

Regulating the air support is mandatory in the laser machine. The air support depends on whether you are cutting or engraving. The air support will be higher when you are engraving on the metal sheet. If the air support is not high enough then the material might catch fire. So to avoid such situations, maintain your air support and turn it higher if required.

Lens Maintenance

Lens are an important part of the laser machines. Any wrong setting or problem with the lens can reduce cutting quality. It can also damage the machine if not placed properly. Initially, the technician will help you fix the lens. The lenses are expensive, so to ensure you do not damage the lens, proper fitting and cleaning are required. You must daily clean the lens with the cleaning tools to ensure there is no dust on the lens. 

The red laser dot must be clearly visible as it works as the starting point. After long use of the lens, it will require replacement. You must buy the lens from the certified dealers or suppliers. You can buy good quality trumpf laser parts, amada laser parts, etc. and replace them with the old ones. They will last longer and provide good quality cuts.

Test Before You Actually Start

Before starting the mass cutting process, you should always test first. It is possible that if settings are not proper, then the cuts may turn out different from what you expected. So, you can always try it on a sample piece and then start with your actual sheet. If all the settings are proper and still the quality of the cut is not what you expected, then maybe it’s time to change the worn out spare parts. You can find dealers who sell authentic trumpf spare parts, amada laser parts, etc. and replace the parts with new ones. 


The laser machines make the cutting process much faster. The quality of the cuts is also smooth as laser machines use CNC machines. This computerized machine sends the signals to the machines who then perform the cut. Maintaining the machine and using it the right way will increase the shelf life. To always get the best quality cuts and to save laser machines from any type of damage, above tips can turn out to be helpful.



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