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4 Tips to Maintain Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Cleaning and maintaining the machine and the surrounding is important to get the best quality cuts from a laser machine. Maintaining the machine properly also increases the shelf life. It is not necessary to do all the cleaning processes daily. There are some parts that require cleaning after every use, while some can be cleaned after a few days of using it. Here are some tips to help you on what parts require cleaning and how you can do it.

Lens Maintenance

Before starting the fiber laser cutting machine, check whether the mirrors are clean or not. If there is dust on the lens, clean them with the rubbing alcohol and cotton swab. To ensure the beam quality is the best, clean lenses are mandatory. Because they easily get dirty due to dust and smoke from the cutting. So before using the machines cleaning them is necessary. 

If the mirror surface is flat and there is no lens holder, you can use lens paper to clean them. If the mirror is curved and has a lens holder then you use a cotton swab to clean them. Also, long use of the lens, or cleaning lenses with other tools can make scratches on them. You must immediately replace them. You can use good quality spare parts like fanuc parts, amada parts, etc. and replace the spoiled lens.

Cutting Head Maintenance

If you want the perfect cut then having a cutting head at a proper position is extremely important. Before using the machine, check whether the laser is emitting from the center of the nozzle. If this is not the case then calibrate or readjust the cutting head. Also adjust the height to a suitable drilling position. You must always try first on the sample piece to check whether the cutting head is reaching the sheet and if it is then whether the cut is dip enough or not. You can change the parameters if required. Even after setting all parameters correctly, if you do not receive the proper cut then it is time to change the nozzle. You can buy good quality spare parts like fanuc spare parts, amada spare parts, etc. 

Chiller Maintenance

The water chiller is used to keep the laser cutting machine cool. The chiller will ensure that the machine operates at the constant temperature. You have to keep checking the temperature of the water in the chiller at regular intervals, especially when working for long hours. The water in the chiller needs to be replaced regularly. You can clean the chiller once or twice a month by replacing the water with distilled purified water.

Daily Maintenance 

Here are some daily maintenance tips for the laser cutting machine.

  1. After you finish using the machine, clean the workbench. Also keep the laser cutting machine clean.
  2. Ensure X, Y, and Z-axis are at the origin.
  3. Check the fan of the control box is working normally. Also the connecting wire must be tight and after use they must be disconnected.
  4. The screws on the X and Y-axis must be cleaned and lubricated every week.
  5. Replace any parts that require replacement with good quality fanuc spare parts, amada spare parts, etc.


The maintenance of the machine ensures that the machine and its spare parts remain in the working condition for a long period of time. There are parts that require regular replacement in order to have good quality cuts. You should always buy the spare parts from authentic dealers, so that you have genuine spare parts. You can buy some good quality spare parts like fanuc parts, amada parts, and trumpf parts online.



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