Top 5 Tips to Maintain a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

There is a lot that goes behind the metal fabrication business. The fiber machine requires a proper way of maintenance in order to receive the best cuts. Thus, proper maintenance of the machine will save you from troubles in the future. And if it requires major changes, then you might have to halt the production. This will cause waste of money and time. So here are some maintenance tips for the fiber laser cutter machine.

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning is a basic yet essential process to prolong life of a fiber laser cutting machine. You can divide the cleaning task in three different ways: daily, monthly, and yearly. Let us discuss some of the daily cleaning tasks. It is the job of the operator to clean the device. They should empty the slag bins and drawers after every cut because if they do not then it is possible that the drawer might jam. All the surfaces must be cleaned so that new sheets can be placed on a clear surface.

The next step is examining the torch. The torch is the nucleus of the fiber laser cutter and its malfunctioning can affect the quality of the cut and damage the machine as well. Also, the cleaning torch helps in making the most precise cuts. So, it is important to clean the torch, nozzle, cables, and the surrounding windows. To clean these, the operators must use a microfiber towel or a lint free cloth. After a while, some spare parts like conical nozzle, chrome nozzle, lens, etc. will require a change.

The area around the machine must also be kept clean. This will ensure no one trips over those things and injures themselves. Ensure all the connections are secured and there is no loose wire. These simple verification practices can help you save from future headaches.

Temperature Maintenance

Fiber laser vaporizes metal with heat to cut the material. The operators must try to keep the equipment cool. The coolers must be checked regularly to ensure they are working properly. Its filters, fans, and coolant levels must be cleaned. If the machine overheats, then it can cause issues to the machine and its spare parts. So it is important to keep track of the temperature.

Ensure Gas Leakage

Fiber laser uses machines to operate and vaporize the material. If the gas is contaminated then the quality of the cut depreciates. So for a smooth cut, the gas must be as clean as possible. If the operators observe a leak, they must change the bottle as soon as possible. Because ignoring the situation can cause more damage and affect productivity and also pose risk to the lives present there.

Align the Machine

To get the straight cuts, it is important that the machine is aligned properly. The operators can check the verticality of the machine every few weeks or when they find any uneven cuts. If the cuts are not smooth or if the material is not cut the way through then the operators must adjust the alignment of the machines accordingly.

Miscellaneous Tasks

The operators must ensure that the parts that require lubrication are properly lubricated. If any parts require oil change then it must be changed regularly. Also, the belts must be tight enough to have  proper hold. Any parts that require regular replacements like conical nozzle, chrome nozzle, lens, etc. must be changed.


The fiber laser machine can serve you for years if it is well maintained. Regular checking of parts reduces the chances of failure. This will save time and money that goes behind those repairs. Also, use the materials that are compatible with your laser machine or else it can damage the machine as well.



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