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8 Core Components of Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine outputs high density and high energy laser beams that concentrate on the workpiece. Thus the spot where it concentrates melts while the workpiece moves forward on the track making the cut. 

Laser cutting has replaced the traditional mechanical knife with an invisible beam. It has become popular because of high precision, faster and smoother cutting, unlimited patterns at low cost, and more. 

Thus, a laser cutter needs three things to complete the task namely machine, light and electricity. The machine is composed of the different mechanical parts, generator, CNC, lenses, etc. 

Let us discuss some of the essential components of the laser cutting machine.

Laser Cutting Head

The cutting head in the laser cutting machine is the output for the laser. It consists of a nozzle, lens, and a tracking system. The cutting head will travel on the cutting track to make the cut. You can adjust the height of the head and control it depending on the material, thickness, and various other parameters. 

The shelf life of the nozzle will also depend on whether it is properly placed and is cleaned on a regular basis. A good quality nozzle will last long. The trumpf nozzles, amada nozzles, prima nozzles, etc. are of good quality. Trumpf eco nozzle is also a good option to go with. 


Laser lenses are the most used component in the laser cutting machine. The lenses used are of different types like full reflex lenses, focusing lenses and semi reverse lenses. They all have distinct functions.

As lenses work as one of the most important parts of the laser machine, the quality of the laser directly affects the performance of the machine.

These lenses are usually made domestically or they are imported. But the quality of the domestic lenses are not as good as the imported ones. But then when we compare the prices, domestic lenses are cheaper.


Motor is one of the core components of the laser machine. So, the performance of the motor directly affects the production efficiency of the machine.

Presently stepping motor and servo motor are the two types of motors configured in the laser machine according to the product and industry of the object. 

Stepper motor has fast starting speed as well as sensitive response to engraving and cutting processes. They are low priced. Whereas, the servo motor is for smooth movement, high load, and fast cutting speed. These are suitable for products and industries with high processing requirements.

Water Chiller

As the name suggests, water chillers are used for cooling laser generators. Basically, a laser generator is a device used to convert electrical energy into light energy. For instance, the CO2 laser has a conversion rate of 20% and the remaining energy is converted into heat. So the cooling water will take the excess heat away to make sure that the laser generator is working properly. 

The chiller also cools the external optical path reflector and the focus lens. This way, you will have stable beam transmission quality and prevent the lens from getting excessively hot, leading to deformation or crack.

Laser Cutting Frame

The frame makes sure of the movement across the X, Y, Z-axis during the cutting process. The only requirement here is that they must be highly stable. This high stability of the tools help you in improving the cut precision. 

There are three types of tools in the market namely gantry type, beam type and cantilever type. These tools have different functions like beam type is used for material cutting of large manufacturers. Automotive industry highly uses this tool.

CNC System

Computer Numeric Control (CNC) system is a leading OS of the fiber laser cutting machine. It mainly controls the tool to detect the movement of the X, Y and Z axis. It also controls the output power of the laser machine.

The quality of the system determines the stability of the laser machine. By controlling this software wisely, you can achieve accurate cuts. 

Air Cutting System

This system is composed of an air compressor, air dryer and filter devices. There are two kinds of air sources namely bottled air and compressed air. When we talk about the cost, air cutting is more economical than gas cutting. The reason behind the low cost is that air cutting saves gas consumption cost when compared to Nitrogen. 

Dust Extractor

The smoke and dust released during the fabrication process will be filtered and treated to match the environmental protection standards. And this makes dust extractor a critical component of the laser machine.


So, while considering laser components, do not only consider the properties of product material, but also make sure to consider the performance of the laser components. The quality of these components must be high so that it can deliver best performance for a prolonged period. Also, ensure to buy excellent quality consumables. For this, you can consider trumpf nozzles, trumpf eco nozzle, trumpf lens, amada nozzle, prima lenses,  etc.



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