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Fiber Laser Optics and Its Importance

Fiber laser cutting is used for a wide range of applications to process and produce laser quickly and efficiently with lasers. So the question is, how does fiber laser cutting machine use laser to cut? Talking about laser, how is laser produced and what is its principle?

Optics plays a huge role in the quality of cuts. You can find consumables from Prima Optics, lvd strippit parts, trumpf, etc. We have divided fiber laser cutting machines into two types: inner optics and outer optics.

Inner or Internal Optics

Let us find out what inner optics do in the laser machine.


The laser generator releases a super-density laser beam. It is irradiated on the metal plate by a light spot. Then the cutting material is melted or vaporized at high temperature. After that, the high-pressure gas is used to blow off the melted metal and the residue.

Laser Production

Laser is converted from electrical energy to light energy. It is obvious that the conversion between the two energy cannot be 100%. Some part of it gets converted to light energy and the other is converted to heat energy. Currently, the electro-optical conversion rate of fiber lasers is 25%-35%. So better the performance of laser, the higher is the ratio of electro-optical conversion rate. So you will have lower energy consumption.

Outer Optics

Here is what outer optics do in the laser cutting machine.

Light Transmission

When the laser generates light and transmits it through optical fiber, a certain amount of energy is lost. Because the optical fiber is connected to the laser head. Also, when they are released from the fiber-optic head, they take a wavy shape. 

Waveform Light

Waveform light cannot collect or concentrate energy. With a collimator, you can process the wave light close to parallel light. 

Focusing Lens

The main function of this lens is to collect and concentrate the parallel light and form a super density light spot.

Protective Lenses

While using a laser cutting machine, a certain amount of metal dust and debris will be generated. If they enter the cutting head of the laser machine, then it is important to protect the lens. You can replace this lens whose average shelf life is one piece per month. Needless to say, the loss depends on the intensity of the equipment. You can invest in good-quality mirrors like the reflectors from Prima Optics, Trumpf, lvd strippit parts, etc. A good quality mirror will last long.

Copper Nozzle

After the laser crosses the protective lens, it is released through the copper nozzle. On average, you might need two pieces per month. Again, the amount of loss depends on the intensity of use of the equipment. You can buy good quality spare parts from the Trumpf, Prima, LVD, etc. for your laser machine.

How to Maintain Lens?

As discussed above, we know how the lens gets damaged when you use the laser for a period of time. But to reduce this cleaning is necessary. The correct procedure to clean the lens is to use a cotton swab and dip it in the alcohol. Alcohol evaporates if any access is left on the lens. Then gently wipe the lens with it. These lenses have a layer of coating on the lens, wipe gently so that you don’t scratch. 


The performance of laser cutting machines depends mainly on the condition of optics. So it is important to maintain the mirrors to get the best from them. It is advisable to change the worn-out parts on time because it will directly affect the performance of the laser. Buying good quality consumables and cleaning the spare parts at the regular interval will increase its shelf life.



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