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12 Primary Parts of a Laser Cutter

Laser cutting is basically a technology that uses a laser cutter to vaporize materials and results in precise cutting. It can be used on many things including copper, plastic, composites, textiles, steel, etc. The main components in a laser cutting machine are laser cutters. And in this article, we are going to talk about different components of laser cutters. Let us get started then.

The laser cutter primarily consists of the main cutting machine and electricity. The whole laser cutting system is composed of the CNC controller (electrical control), mechanical part, and laser generator + reflector path. The auxiliary equipment list of the laser cutter is:

  • Filter
  • Stabilizer power supply
  • Water chiller
  • Air cleaner
  • Gas cylinder
  • Air compressor
  • Cooling dryer
  • Gas storage tank
  • Slag discharging machine

Now let us dig deep into each component of the laser cutter. But you need to remember that below are only the main system parts; there are also minor vital parts that need your attention. Also, having spare parts is necessary for any emergency. So, you can invest in Hypertherm hpr260xd parts and Hypertherm hpr130xd spare parts for enhancing the performance of your laser cutter.

1. Laser cutter frame

It is the mechanical part to record the movement in the X, Y, Z-axis, on the platform where laser cutting is performed. Laser cutter frames vary as per the purpose of the machine. When it comes to fiber laser cutting machines, they have extremely high requirements for machine tool stability. So, the frames are manufactured accordingly.

It is important to have high precision with high stability machine tools to improve laser cutting output quality. The mainstream machine tools here are cantilever type, gantry type, and beam type.

Also, different machine tools have different functions like beam-type machine tools used for material cutting by large company’s manufacturers. There are different models for specific fields like 3D fiber laser cutting used in the automotive industry.

2. Laser Generator

It is a device that produces a laser light source. These generators are the most potent and expensive source of laser equipment like an engine in the car. These generators are useful to supply electricity and power to the laser cutting machine.

3. Lenses

Laser lenses are the most useful parts of the entire fiber laser cutter. Many optical devices have laser lenses. Different lenses have various functions like semi-reverse lenses, full-reflex lenses, and focusing lenses. Ensure that you are using good quality lenses as the quality of them will directly affect the output power of the laser. And this will affect the overall performance of the machine. These lenses are available in two types:

  • Domestic
  • Imported

The difference is in both price and quality, so if you are investing for the long run, then you must go for imported lenses. 

4. Laser Generator

A laser generator is useful for converting electrical energy into light energy. For instance, it converts CO2 lasers with a conversion rate of 20%. Here, the remaining energy gets converted into heat.

5. Water Chiller

The chilling or cooling water keeps the excess heat away. This is important to make the laser generator function properly. It also cools down the focusing mirror and external optical path reflector. This way, you can keep the quality of stable beam transmission neat and prevent the lends from turning too hot. Eventually, with a water chiller, you can prevent cracks and generator damage.

6. CNC System

The control system is one of the leading operating systems of the fiber laser cutting machine. It controls the machine tool to record the movement of the X, Y, and Z axes. It even controls the output power of the laser.

Again, choosing a good quality system is important here; it would affect the stability of the fiber laser cutting machine. One needs to control the software of the system accurately to get the precise results.

7. Gas Cylinders

The laser cutter includes industrial gas cylinders like auxiliary gas cylinders and medium gas cylinders. These cylinders are usually useful for supplementing laser oscillations and supplying cutting head use.  

8. Motor

The motor system of the laser cutting machine is a core component of the entire system.

Its performance will directly affect the processing effect of the laser and the production efficiency of the product.

9. Stepper Motor

This motor has a sensitive response and a fast-starting speed. It is perfectly suitable for cutting and engraving processes. Its quality will directly affect the final output. The price of this motor is usually less even if you go for the excellent quality ones.

10. Servo Motor

This motor provides you with fast-moving speed, stable performance, smooth movement, smooth edge processing, high load, and fast cutting speed. It is usually high in price but is suitable for almost all industries and purposes. 

11. Slag Discharge Machine

You need this machine to eliminate the leftover or waste materials during the laser cutting method. It will automatically collect all the waste generated during the process. 

12. Dust Extractor

This is useful for filtering smoke and dust produced during the fabrication process. This extractor processes the smoke and dust to give environmentally protective surroundings around the machine.

Besides the above-mentioned parts, you also need to invest in quality minor essential parts and even spare parts. Hypertherm hpr130xd spare parts and Hypertherm hpr260xd parts are what I am talking about. These parts will ensure the smooth running of your laser machine.



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