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What You Need to Know About Press Brakes?

Press brakes are one of the most vital pieces of any equipment. Press brakes are fabrication tools used to bend a sheet or plate of metal. These brakes help fabricators to create formed parts like enclosures, brackets, channels, ductwork, structural forms, etc. These brakes are versatile and have various applications in various industries, which we will see in this article.

The only thing you need to ensure is investing in good quality machine parts like Amada parts, so that you can get accurate results.  Now, you need to know much more about press breaks to choose the ideal ones, right? So, let us start with knowing its types, uses, and benefits.

Types of Press Brakes

There are different types of press brakes classified depending on the generation of their bending force. The four types of press brakes include:

  • Electric Brakes
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Pneumatic Brakes 
  • Mechanical Brakes 



Did you know that no plane could be built without a press brake? Because without a press brake, workers can never angle the aerospace metal as needed. Press brakes allow operators to bend a metal sheet into almost any desired shape. Thus, aerospace professionals use a press brake to bend and mold the sheet metal, which is used as a protective layering on planes. 


The automotive industry uses an assembly system to make the process of making cars efficient. The assembly lines can help to make more vehicles a day because it includes the high-quality latest technology. For instance, the workers use press brakes to construct automobiles because they can bend sheet metal to fit as desired. This way, the press brakes help increase the productivity of the automobile manufacturers.


While construction workers commonly use drywall to fill out a building’s interior and sheet metal for the roofs. These metal roofs are durable to withstand the elements. But they are equally tough to deal with when it comes to cueing them or shaping them according to the fittings. So, it is easy for people to break the metals in one place and then transport it to different places.

Many industries use press brakes to increase their productivity and perform complex tasks easily. Thus, it is advisable that every company that deals with metal manufacturing or metal cutting on a daily basis must invest in a press brake.

Benefits of Press Brakes

Reduced Material Wastage

Machines usually use a good amount of material to curve the desired items. But press brakes cut down the material waste by boosting high-end precision and accuracy while giving the desired shape to the materials. 


If you use an application to punch a systematic row of holes in a part, then a press brake can be fitted easily with individual punch sets or even with a complete die set. This leads to punching holes accurately in one stroke.


Modern Press brakes can be easily automated to improve accuracy, increase productivity, and reduce overall labor costs. Press brakes have specialized data ports and many innovative accessories to facilitate the process of automation in the metal manufacturing industry. Adding material handling robotics, sheet followers for assisting the operator in lifting heavier parts can help to increase productivity. It also provides the same result with each and every bend. If you are looking to buy a good press brake, you can search for ‘Amada press brake for sale’ online to find some good options that match with your requirements.


As you know, hemming is one of the necessary operations in most fabricating methods. It is a process of folding a small portion of the sheet over and closing it back on itself. This creates a rigid, thick, and durable edge with round edges for safe material handling. It is useful for manufacturing all types of boxes, panels, and covers. One can complete the operation with a custom toolset of press brakes or by way of a simple flat hemming die. The goal here is to improve the quality of the output with less wastage, and press brakes can help there.

Complex Forming

Press brakes offer unmatched flexibility. It gets combined with segmented punch sets, acute tooling, and die sets. With this, a press brake can easily form complicated multi-angle parts easily.

Production Bending

Using a CNC control is the ideal way on a press brake for repeating the actions over and over again. Here, the operator can use the product forming process to boost the accuracy with a press brake regardless of the flanges being similar or varying in length and angle.


As you saw, press brakes have many applications that help operators and fabricators to bend sheet metals for creating items of different shapes and forms easily. With press brakes, you can enhance the accuracy of the output and reduce wastage. You can find it in mostly every machine shop or fabrication job shop. Investing in good machine parts and press brakes are important. 

So, choose high quality parts like Amada parts to get the best result of press brakes. When we talk about high-quality, it does not always have to be expensive. For example, you can just search ‘Amada press brake for sale’ and you will get all the affordable options.



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