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5 Advantages of Using Laser Cutting Method

If you belong to the manufacturing industry, you probably might have thought about using a laser cutting method for your next project. But the doubt clouding on your head would be, ‘how to trust any other process than the traditional one?’ To answer that, I have mentioned some of the advantages of using laser cutting methods. This will help you know how this method saves your time, money, decreases your labor work, and gives versatility, productivity, and precise cutting. The accuracy of the laser cutting method also depends on the parts you use for it. So, always opt for quality laser parts like Mazak laser parts. This will improve your output’s precision and the shelf life of the machine.

1. Provides High Accuracy and Precise Cutting

The laser cutting machine includes a small, powerful laser that provides a focused light beam on the material. This way, the machine can cut the material precisely. This laser usually possesses a tolerance of 0.003 mm to 0.006 mm. And a plasma cutter possesses a typical tolerance of about 0.02 mm. Some die-cutting tools may have tolerance power as high as 1-3 millimeters or even more. The powerful laser melts material with impeccable accuracy.

2. Versatile at Cutting

You can use laser cutting for various tasks like cutting complex shapes and on different types of materials including metals like copper, stainless steel, brass, wood, aluminum, plastic, and on various types of textiles. Laser cutters are also useful for engraving, drilling, and marking. The versatility of laser cutting machines makes it an essential part of modern machining.

3. Handles Complex Cuttings

You can use a laser cutting method to work on highly narrow sections of any material. For example, if you want various complex geometries on a material, then laser cutting will provide precise outputs rather than traditional methods. The result of cutting with this method is nothing but precision. It causes zero distortion or warping to the cut area.

4. Benefits Economically

One of the significant benefits of a laser cutting method is that it is economical to use. Traditional cutting methods require dyes, punches, and other things custom-made, particularly for individual orders, but that is not the case with laser cutting. 

Whether you use this technique for daily project works or limited-run projects, this technology will prove to be economically friendly in any scale of work. How? Laser cutters do not use any specific type of tooling. For example, you do not have to custom-prepare individual dyes for different shapes or projects.  

You just need to have a material, a laser cutter, and a schematic design to load into the computer. This way, you can save costs for small-batch projects.

Plus, laser machine tools have fewer mechanical moving parts. Thus, you do not have to pay high maintenance costs or harbor much effort in operating it. For that, it’s essential that you use quality parts like Mazak laser parts or mazak replacement parts to benefit from all the advantages of laser cutting machines.

5. Less Sheet Waste

The laser cutting method uses the highest amount of your sheet material. The laser cutter maximizes the number of usable parts and components from the sheet material by a process called nesting. This results in less wastage of materials and more output from a single sheet. Additionally, it saves time by exchanging new sheets more quickly than the traditional method.

Wrapping it Up

I hope this article helped you to know how laser cutting can be advantageous for your business and why the majority of businesses have already started using it. It provides unparalleled precision accuracy, saves cost, and reduces raw material wastage. You can avail all these benefits only if you invest in quality parts like Mazak laser parts. You can get these parts online and in near by market too.



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