Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Laser Cutting Machines

The productivity and the longevity of any equipment depend on the maintenance and the way of its usage. The same is with laser cutting machines. Equipment maintenance must be done by the operators who regularly use the machine and who are trained to do so, keeping in mind the fragility of certain parts.

In case, any part or component needs replacement, it must be replaced immediately. If you have an amada laser cutting machine, then you can easily find amada machine replacement parts online. Below are some general maintenance tips that you can follow to extend the life of your laser machine and prevent production breakdowns.

Daily Inspection and Cleaning

The simple thing to prolong the life of a laser cutting machine is to clean it regularly. The operators must clean the machine after every job. You should empty slag drawers and bins before starting a new cut. Operators can use lint-free cloths or microfiber towels to clean the parts of the machine. The area around the laser machine should also be kept clean.

Ceramic ring and nozzle must be replaced daily to have a precise and sharp cut. If the nozzle is damaged by the laser beam then it must be replaced promptly. You should always consider using parts that are of good quality. Amada machine replacement parts are of premium quality so that your machine works at its best.

Cleaning Optics

Different methods are used for cleaning different types of lenses. For mirrors with flat surfaces use lens paper and for mirrors with curved surfaces use a cotton swab to clean. Firstly, use a blower to blow the dust on the surface of the lens. Then depending on the type of lens take lens paper or cotton swab, moist it with high purity alcohol or acetone, and rub gently on the lens. Repeat this process several times until the lens is fully cleaned.

Assist Gas Checks

Laser cutting machines use gas to operate. This gas assists the laser in vaporizing through a material. If the gas is contaminated it can greatly impact the quality of the cut. So for smooth cuts, it is important to have clean gas. Also, check filters to make sure they are doing their job correctly. Leakage in the gas bottles may compromise the safety of operators and the surroundings. So to avoid accidents change the gas bottle as soon as the operators notice any leakage. 

Temperature Maintenance

Laser cutting machines vaporize metal using heat to cut materials. So, keeping the equipment cool is of utmost importance. Operators must check the system’s cooler regularly. Coolant levels, filters, and fans need to be cleaned regularly so that they can function properly.

If the filters or fans are covered in dust, they won’t be able to cool the machine. And it will lead to an increase in the temperature of the machine. Further, it can also damage the machine. So to prevent the machine from getting damaged, operators must check the cooling system regularly. In case of damage in any parts of the machine, it must be replaced with good quality spare parts like amada spare parts. 

Maintenance of Regulated Power Supply

After one month of regulated power supply, cut off the main power supply and tighten all the connections in the terminal and main circuit. Every three months, check the elasticity of the carbon sliding brush. Operators must use dry compressed air to blow the dust gathered on the regulator. 


You must have an effective maintenance policy for planning, controlling, and directing maintenance activities. The maintenance department must have well-trained operators who are well versed with the device. Any replacements required in the machine must be instantly changed for quality production. For spare parts of your amada laser machine, you can google “amada spare parts” and find it easily online. 



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