Top 4 Industries Using Laser Cutting Method?

Manufacturers trust laser cutting for its accurate cutting quality. From cutting and engraving precise lines through a thin plate of metal to marking different materials with different degrees of thickness, laser cutting can do almost all the tasks.

You can use this method on a variety of metals. Also, using good quality laser-cut parts such as Bystronic laser parts helps you increase the output’s quality. There are many uses of laser cutting in different industries like: 

  1. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)
  2. Construction
  3. Military and defense
  4. Agricultural
  5. Furniture
  6. Recreational vehicles
  7. Manufacturing
  8. Telecom 

How These Industries Use Laser Cutting Methods?

But first, remember that while using laser cutting methods, you need to ensure that you are using quality laser parts like bystronic laser parts to get fine precision and quality.

1. Jewelry and Accessory Making Industry

If you are thinking about how laser cutting methods can be used in jewelry and accessories making, let me answer. Think of those small gears in your wristwatch or tiny gears in headphones. With its excellent accuracy, the laser cutting process helps you to make gears with less waste and in less production time.

Also, while talking about the uses of laser cutting methods in the jewelry industry, we cannot forget about the fine engraving capabilities of laser cuts. These cuts can engrave any designs and inscriptions on the interior or exterior surface of the metal piece. Laser cutters can cut precise shapes and provide desired thickness. 

Creating a ring or any other jewelry of an exact width, depth, and diameter is not easy, but one can do it with a laser. You can use laser cutting methods to engrave designs and inscriptions on the exterior or interior surface of the metal piece.

Here, you will need good quality parts and equipment like a focus lens, laser cutting machine, etc. It is advisable to get it from a quality online brand like Bystronic parts. This will ensure that your final output is of the best quality.

2. In Automotive and Manufacturing Industry

As we know, the automotive industry is always in dire need of getting exact replicas of any part with different shapes and sizes. They can apply the laser cutting method and replicate their parts quickly and accurately.

The automotive industry can use laser cutting to cut down metals and even plastics for forming any body pieces of vehicles, interior covers, electronic components, etc.

Laser cutting processes are also capable of cutting hydro-formed parts. These parts are usually strong tubes that are useful to provide support within the structure of any vehicle.

3. In Medical Industry

One of many impressive uses of lasers includes using them for surgeries in the medical industry. This method helps surgeons to make precise cuts. Similarly, it also promotes fast healing of the patients after having surgery by laser method. Laser-cut parts like valve framers, vascular clips, flexible shafts, stents, etc., are useful in creating these laser machines used for surgery. It is a revolution in the medical industry. This method also improves the quality of surgery.

4. In Dye and Tools Manufacturing Industry 

Laser has an excellent ability to cut a variety of depths into the metal and make the dye ready for stamp pieces. These dyes last through many repetitive processes of dye-cutting. And in the tool manufacturing industry, laser cutters are useful for marking, manufacturing simple hand tools, and engraving.

As you read, laser cutting is a versatile method that can be used in different industries for different purposes. There are constant advancements coming in this method. And with every advancement, you can have better accuracy and finishing on the final output. I hope this article helped you to know more about laser cutting methods and their uses in different industries. And as said earlier, ensure you are using good quality laser cutting machines and parts like bystronic parts for excellent quality.



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