7 Tips to Maintain Your Fiber Laser Cutting Method

Maintenance does not mean learning how to fix things; rather, it means keeping things in a manner that does not need any repairing or fixing. And proper maintenance is exactly what one should do for successful Fiber Laser cutting machine maintenance. Not all fabrication managers realize the importance of it, however, the truth is that a successful fiber laser maintenance schedule is a significant factor for a successful fiber laser operation.

Fiber laser cutting machinery repairs can be a costly reminder to perform proper maintenance. Because we know that if one machine does not work well, it will hamper the entire process and the final output. Thus, to avoid the repair cost of laser cut parts, let us look at some tips to maintain it.

1. Train Your Employees

Never skip on this part. No matter how trained employees you hire, training them regularly according to your business necessities, goals, and products is essential. Training your team is a necessary investment that will pay you dividends in the form of customer satisfaction. Training will also save you money in the long run. Because if you don’t train your employees properly, then they might use the laser machine part in the wrong way, which can lead to loss of tons of material, and you would not be able to see perfection.

2. Maintain a Maintenance Guide

With every Fiber Laser Cutting machine, the manufacturer offers a recommended guide for maintenance. You should practice following it regularly and be very keen while doing activities like cleaning. Go as per the guide because it is solely written for your machine model. Overlooking it might turn into disastrous encounters.

You should keep a maintenance log and fill it with each maintenance interval. This machine parts and maintenance log can help you to avoid disastrous encounters and will help you to know your machine and its requirements better. Also, let your employees know about the same and train them for maintenance too.

3. Know Your Options

No matter what you are purchasing, you should know that part’s quality, reliability, and its lifespan. This will help you to calculate your production cost. This directly means that investing in quality parts like trumpf laser parts, amada laser parts, etc., can serve you quality outputs and longevity, thus making your investment-worthy. Even replacing consumables when needed, like nozzles with quality trumpf laser nozzles, will enhance the quality of the final output.

4. Consider Replacements 

What is MRO? Maintenance, Repair, and Operating (MRO) are critical for your maintenance schedule of the fiber laser cutting machine. If you operate and maintain your machine parts regularly and adequately, then you might know the importance of replacing them at intervals.

There can be times when your laser cut parts need a replacement due to various reasons, and avoiding replacing them can result in damaged output. For this, you need the right and functional parts in their place. Thus, consider checking on all the machine parts on time and replace them if required. It will promote the longevity of your machine.

5. Monitor Machine Parts

A service team and trained operator can predict machine failures by monitoring machinery parameters like hours of use of each consumable, its precision ratio, etc. Monitoring the machine parts closely can be an easy and effective way to detect any issues or damage and predict when things such as lenses and nozzles likely need a replacement. 

6. Extend the Warranty Period

On buying any new equipment, you can also get an extended safe warranty. Talking about a fiber laser cutting system, it is wise to take the warranty card. Because any error in the fiber cutting machine will cost you a lot to fix without a warranty on used machinery. And on top of that, taking a warranty card is often not an option.So, then how can you save your machine parts and money both? You can have a setup with a preventive maintenance package. From where? Either from your OEM or an aftermarket service company. But make sure that it specializes in your specific machine model.

7. Care for Your Key Accounts

Almost all shops have a few significant customers or, as we say, “key “accounts that provide the company with the majority of their fiber laser cutting projects. You as a company can know their production schedule and align your machine’s maintenance schedule accordingly. 

This will be of great benefit to both the parties. It will allow you for more uptime when the demand is high, and in the other downtime, you can schedule your preventive maintenance. Knowing their projects can also help you to order the necessary materials and schedule any urgent necessary maintenance.

With all these tips, you can maintain your fiber laser cutting machine and prevent resolving it before it is created. Regular checking of the machine and keeping a record of its functioning will help you to know more about your laser cutting machines and provide it with what it wants before the situation worsens. Also, replacing laser parts like nozzles or other consumables with quality parts like trumpf laser nozzles or trumpf laser parts will help promote the machine’s longevity and provide quality performance. 

Remember: A preventative maintenance practice is a great way to minimize cost and maximize perfection.



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