Things to Know While Buying Laser Engravers

Laser engraving machines are essential for businesses in order to engrave designs on different surfaces. Like 3D computers, it is computer-controlled and performs effectively when provided with CAD designs.   

Hence, laser engraving machines should be purchased with proper care and consciousness. If not, a failed investment in the wrong equipment may affect the business development. There are some factors that you need to consider while buying laser engravers and their spare parts. For instance, you should choose Mitsubishi spare parts or look for an Amada press brake for sale.

About laser engraving machines, know about:

Mechanics of Laser Engraving

Most of the laser equipment install stepper motors to reduce the cost. However, it declines the functional efficiency. Laser machines don’t provide high accuracy and operation ease compared to engravers equipped with high-precision servo motors. 

Stepper motors don’t receive feedback or any information about the accurate position. They only send commands. The lack of feedback might cause the laser engraver to lose coordinates in the process, which can cause defects. 

Servo motors, on the contrary, are equipped with encoders that transmit the data in real-time. It provides real-time information of laser carriage position and eliminates the loss of coordinates. They are more expensive than stepper motors. However, they can achieve high accuracy and cut speed without blurring image edges. 

Cooling System

The steady operation of a laser machine depends on the laser tube’s cooling system. Any problem with it results in the tube’s failure. Therefore, a laser machine should consist of a water cooling unit or chiller in the tube. The chiller maintains the temperature and provides a steady operation of the tube. However, it must fit the laser machine and stabilize with the installed laser tube’s power. 

The cooling circuit should consist of a water flow sensor as additional protection. If the sensor detects a lack of flow or poor circulation, it will power off the machine to protect it from damages. However, if you’re tired of constant replacements, you should go for laser engravers with laser tubes up to 100W. The in-built fans cool the laser tube, making engravers convenient for operations. 

Mirror and Focus Lens

The quality of engraving and cutting depends on the quality of laser optical mirrors, focus lenses, and the type of coating. Generally, a laser optical path consists of 3 to 4 mirrors and focal length to converge the beam. The special coating enhances the reflection rate. So, while installing, make sure that they are not economy class. In economy class mirrors, the coating laid burns fastest. The rate of power loss is high; it reaches around 20-50%.

Choose high-quality mirrors that are covered by gold plating. Gold has a high reflection rate. Mirrors with gold plating provide high transmission, and special coating minimizes the refraction coefficient. It increases the laser beam’s capacity.  

Component Parts

Most of the manufacturers assemble rather than produce. They outsource the components from brands such as Mitsubishi spare parts. Hence, laser machines differ in assembled quality, design, and components. Even similar laser machines from different manufacturers can be assembled with different boards, motors, steering points, power supply, etc. 

Thus, it is crucial to choose a manufacturer that provides high-quality assembled equipment with standard specifications of the machine. 

Warranty and Maintenance Costs

Most manufacturers provide a warranty only for laser machines. The laser tube is not covered in the warranty and thus results in extra cost. Besides, laser machines equipped with C02 glass tubes have high operating costs. So, check it properly. 

Lastly, ensure that laser machines stick to the safety and compliance declaration. All machines and engravers should comply with custom union technical regulations.



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