11 Methods to Extend The Life of Plasma Cutting Machine Consumables

Whether you are using the world’s best quality machines and parts, the chances of them getting damaged someday are 100%. Of course, using good quality parts like esab plasma cutter parts will provide longevity to the machine parts rather than average quality parts, but maintenance is still necessary. People often don’t apply for maintenance because of the higher costs it requires. But investing in effective methods to reduce losses is also a cost-saving method.

Here we have some commonly used method list you can apply to reduce the cost of plasma consumables as much as possible:

1. Use a Reasonable Cutting Height

According to the guidance of the instruction manual, you should use a reasonable cutting height. Cutting height is basically the distance between the cutting nozzle and the surface of the workpiece. When perforating, you need to use a value slightly higher than the perforation height in the parameter table.

2. Do Not Overload the Nozzle

Overloading the nozzle or exceeding the operating current of the nozzle will damage the nozzle. Also, the current intensity should only be 95% of the working current of the nozzle. For instance, the current intensity of a 100A nozzle should be set to 95A.

3. Ensure the Correct Flow Rate and Air Pressure of the Plasma

The correct flow of plasma and gas pressure are very essential to the service life of consumables. If the air pressure of the machine is too high, then the life of the electrode will reduce significantly. And if the air pressure is too low, then it will affect the life of the nozzle.

4. The Thickness of the Perforation Needs to be Within the Range of the Machine System

The cutting machine will not perforate the steel plate exceeding the normal working thickness. The usual working perforation thickness is half of the normal cutting thickness for the machine having configuration below 100A. For instance, the 100A system is set for cutting 1-inch carbon steel, then the working perforates should be 0.5 inches.

5. Keep the Plasma Gas Dry and Clean

The plasma system requires dry and clean plasma gas to work typically. Dirty gas usually creates a problem for the gas compression system. This will shorten the service life of consumable parts and will also cause severe damage. The testing method for the gas quality includes setting the cutting torch in the test state and placing a mirror under it to consume gas in the cutting torch. If the water vapor and mist appear in the mirror, then you must find out the reason and correct it as soon as possible.

6. Start the Cutting from the Edge

Instead of perforating, you should start cutting the materials from the edge as much as possible. If you will use edge as the starting point, it will help to extend the life of the consumable parts. Here, the correct cutting method is to directly aim the nozzle at the edge of the workpiece before you start the plasma arc.

7. Apply Splash-Proof Chemical Paint on the Protective Shell

The splash-proof chemical coating helps in reducing the buildup of slag on the protective shell. But you need to remove the protective shell from the torch before applying splash-proof paint.

8. Clear the Gas After Replacing Consumables

First of all, you need to replace the parts with good quality parts like esab replacement parts as per requirement for maintaining the quality of the final output. Once you replace the consumables, you should clear the gas. This is necessary for retaining the water and discharging the mist from the cut.

9. Remove the Slag on the Protective Shell

Removing the slag on the protective shell of the cutting torch frequently is necessary. Otherwise, it will create a destructive heavy plasma arc.

10. Keep the Cutting Torch and Consumable Parts Clean

Any dirt on the cutting torch or any consumable parts will strongly affect the function of the plasma system. While replacing consumable parts:

  • Place the parts on the clean flannel
  • Replace consumable parts with quality esab replacement parts
  • Place the parts on a clean flannel
  • Check the connection ribs of the cutting torch regularly
  • Clean the nozzles and electrode contact surface with hydrogen peroxide cleaner

11. Use Softened Water to Inject the Cutting Torch

Hard water can cause metal impurities to precipitate on the nozzle ring. And it will affect the airflow, reduce the torch quality, and shorten the life of consumable parts.

The primary key to maintain the machine parts is to invest in good quality parts like the esab plasma cutter parts. And then you can maintain them as per your budget and usage.



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