Which is the Best Choice for Replacing an Auto Part

When any part fails on your car, you have either of the five options to replace it with:

  • A new part
  • A rebuilt part
  • A remanufactured part
  • An aftermarket part
  • A used part

In the case of buying a costly part, like an entire engine, some people would say that there is a sixth option too: Selling the car to a Milwaukee junkyard for scrap metal. Here, I am assuming that you are going to keep the car. So, let us have a look at your options:

  1. Remanufactured Parts

It is an old part that is entirely remanufactured to provide the same standards as that of a new part. These parts usually have a good warranty compared to rebuilt parts because they often involve extensive work to bring them again to OEM tolerances. Most auto supply stores offer remanufactured parts. Auto dealerships will utilize them when new parts are not available. 

  1. Aftermarket Parts

These are new parts made by other companies other than the original manufacturer. You can find these parts mostly in the auto supply stores. They are new parts and are backed by a warranty (some good, some not so good). And many customers end up disappointed with aftermarket parts as they often do not fit quite right for the purpose due to slight variations and intolerances.

  1. Reconditioned Parts

Reconditioning means repairing a part to meet the manufacturer’s specifications for that part. Reconditioning is a process of replacing components that are worn out or damaged. These parts are usually replaced during routine maintenance.

If you own a less popular vintage car or an older model whose parts are difficult to buy for, then you can purchase reconditioned parts. There are some companies that take parts from dismantled vehicles. Then they recondition or remanufacture them to sell. Usually the garage provides you with reconditioned parts, so you can buy from them or from a specialized brand like Mazak parts.

  1. New Parts

These parts are great if you have a strong budget. But if you are driving an old car with anything 10 or more years old then chances are no dealer can even get new parts for your car. If you are thoroughly committed to a new part, your best bet is Mazak parts. But if your car is new, then you should definitely opt for new parts. These parts give more durability than the replaced one. And the best part is – these parts fit perfectly for your car model. 

  1. Used Parts

These are usually OEM parts removed from the salvage vehicles. Used auto parts have a lot to serve for the right equipment. And if you are looking for a deal on an OEM part and do not mind if it has a little wear on it, then used auto parts are your ideal choice. And for the used parts with the least or no wear on it, you should go for quality used parts like Mazak used parts.

Concluding: What is the Best Option for Replacement Parts?

It all depends on different factors, primarily on purpose and budget. If budget is not an issue, then by all means you should look for a new OEM part. Used parts are also a good option here to get the replica of OEM parts at a cheap price. But again, you should keep the quality in the center while choosing. Parts like Mazak used parts can serve the best of used parts you can get.

If you do not want to spend that much on an OEM for different reasons, or if the part is unavailable anywhere, then an aftermarket part might be your next choice.

If you are somewhere between a remanufactured part and a rebuilt part, our recommendation is indeed the remanufactured part. It may cost a little more than a rebuilt part, but it will replace all the worn parts, and it should essentially be, as they say, “good as new.” These parts also come with an excellent warranty.

Source: https://justpaste.it/4iydl


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