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5 Laser Cutting Maintenance Tips

If you use a machine vigorously, you know its consequences. It would wear out sooner than expected. The productivity and efficiency would decrease too. 

This principle applies to every machine that we use, including laser cutting machines. If we maintain it properly, we can enhance the longevity of the laser cutters. Though the machines often come with service contracts for a given period, ensuring proper use and brand-specific spare parts like Bystronic parts and Fanuc spare parts is smart.  

However, if we look at the machines only when they malfunction or are broken, it will increase the cost and efforts. Therefore, it is crucial for metal fabricators to maintain their laser machines or it might affect their work and quality. If maintained properly, it can help you save a great deal. Here are the maintenance tips for maintaining your laser machine’s competency and throughput.   

1. Keep the air sources clean

Laser cutting machines use different types of gases like oxygen, nitrogen, or shop air to cut metals. Most of them use shop air as it has the fastest processing speed. It helps cut various metals like stainless steel, aluminum sheets, metal sheets, etc. So, for gases to cut the metal with perfection, ensure that the compressor gas is not impure instead moisture-free. Keep the lines clean and maintain the air pressure and air filtration properly. Do this regularly as the compressor source and lines affect the machine’s performance, productivity, and working life span. 

2. Inspect the parts regularly

The simplest tip to prolong a laser cutting machine’s life is to inspect all the parts on a daily and weekly basis. Check if the pressure of working gas and cutting gas is enough or not. If not, replace it immediately. Check whether the limiting switches of each axis are sensitive. The indicator lights are damaged, whether there are any leakages, etc. See which part needs replacement and replace it with branded parts.

3. Review your chiller performance constantly

Like plasma cutting, fiber laser cutting uses heat to cut the metal. So, you should ensure that the equipment remains cool and doesn’t overheat. Clean the condenser coils, filters, and fans so that they perform well. If there is debris in the filters or fans, they won’t cool the machine. In fact, the discrepancy in the temperature could lead to poor performance. 

Many chillers require additives and chemicals, so maintain them at regular intervals. 

4. Ensure regulated power supply

After one month of continuous power supply, cut off the main supply and check all the electric connections, tighten the terminals, especially the main circuit. 

Along with this, check the elasticity of the slider carbon brush, blow out the toner, and dust on the components using dry compressed air.

5. Inspect the gas delivery

Laser machines use gas to vaporize through the material. The contaminated gases affect the cut and result in poor quality. If you want a smooth cut, make sure that the gas is pure and clean. For this, inspect gases whenever possible. See if they are free of debris. Look if filters are doing their job properly. Replace the gas bottle every time you notice a leak, as it would affect the overall performance. Also, they are a safety hazard to workers working with the device. Hence, whenever you see a leak, turn off the device and then use a soapy connection rag to rub the connection line. Address it as soon as you notice a leak. Any delays will affect your performance, and even your safety will be at risk. 


Check your laser cutting machine and parts regularly. If you find any fault or look like a part has failed or is not working properly, replace it immediately. Follow the tips mentioned above for better maintenance. Also, keep your machines clean and track every activity. Lastly, use Bystronic parts or Fanuc spare parts for replacement.



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