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4 Tips to Begin your Fabrication Project

Fabrication projects like railroad tracks, power plant facilities require heavy metal cutting. So, fabricators opt for laser technology as it provides precise, accurate, and clear cuts. Also, it has an unmatched speed compared to other cutting technologies available in the market. 

In addition, what makes laser technology different is its adaptable nature. You can adjust it according to your project requirements – resolution, sharpness, depth, and whatnot. In addition to this, brand parts like Hypertherm PowerMax 45xp fine cut consumables and Hypertherm HPR 130 consumables enhance efficiency.

Here are the other things that help you improve your laser cutting for fabrication projects. 

  1. Consider Material Thickness and Type

When you plan your next fabrication project, choose the material type and thickness. Every material has different thicknesses and properties. For instance, a thin metal would burn faster than a thick metal. Moreover, it won’t take lasers long to cut through the thin material. So, make sure to check the type of metal you want to use. 

After all, you’re using laser technology for its quality and speed. And choosing the perfect material or working on finding the optimal thickness of the material can considerably cut laser costs. Imagine you cut a heavy metal, and the laser technology is not compatible with it. It may wear out the consumables. 

Finding it won’t be easy if you have a complex project. However, you must consider it, or you may end up with average results.

  1. Simplify the Design Elements

Try to implement minimal designs that would reduce the laser cutting usage or time. Because when you use laser cutting, every action counts. You pay for every movement the laser cutter makes. Be it cutting, engraving, or passing between cuts, your consumables and parts wear out with usage. Also, the less time the laser takes to cut, the less it would cost. 

So, keep your designs simple. Tracing minute details will take up a lot of time rather than large designs. For instance, cutting a straight line will take less time than a circle. 

  1. Add Complimentary Services

Having a fabrication company that can help you build a main enclosure part or custom part is beneficial. However, look for a company that also provides services like power coating, spot welding, finishing metals, and other techniques that turn a planned component into a finished project. 

If you’re thinking about contracting low bidders for different parts of the job, then don’t. No matter how cheap the services are, it would add up the logistics of working with different companies. Besides, managing work could be challenging. It may create over-head and even increase costly mistakes.

So, hire a qualified vendor that provides complementary services.

  1. Find the Appropriate Partner 

To accomplish projects successfully, you need advanced technology like laser cutting. But for quality products, having a skilled vendor is crucial. Here are the questions you must ask:

  • Does it have technical capabilities?

Fabrication and laser cutting processes need accuracy, detailed inspections. So, make sure the team can conduct tests and offer feedback.

  • Is it easy to work with a particular company? 

To finish projects on time, you need a company that will provide better services and speeds up production. It can be sending designs electronically or communicating on time. 

  • Does the company have a stellar record? 

Look for a company that has a record of quality services and on-time delivery. A reputed company can help you manage your supply chains effectively. So, while partnering, check their clients’ testimonials, reviews, ratings, and work portfolio. 

Overall, these three questions will give you an impression of the company you plan to partner with.


Follow these four tips. It will help you get the best of laser cutting for your fabrication project. Also, for consumables prefer Hypertherm PowerMax 45xp fine cut consumables and Hypertherm HPR 130 consumables.

Source: https://www.sooperarticles.com/automotive-articles/4-tips-begin-your-fabrication-project-1804211.html


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