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Laser Machine Nozzle: Facts and Details

A nozzle is a device to control the direction or characteristics of the flow of fluid. Nozzles are also for laser machines that engrave designs on things. 

Nozzles control the flow, speed, direction, mass, shape, and pressure of the stream that emerges from it. There are different types of nozzles for different purposes.

Nozzles are an important part of laser machines as they help to cut sheets perfectly. Many companies have laser machines like Mitsubishi and Trumpf.

What are Mitsubishi Lasers?

Mitsubishi laser machines give more output at low costs. This has continuous movements of the processing head without stopping, and only the laser beams are switched on or off. Along with Mitsubishi lasers, there are many other companies for the same. The companies like Mitsubishi and Trumpf manufacture nozzle spare parts that are easy to use by machines to manufacture and cut.

Using this laser system can shorten machining time, and this helps to save the cost per part. This reduces up to 98% piercing time of mild steel.

Nowadays, there are thicker materials that one can engrave on. This means the piercing has to be possible for 8 to 25mm thickness. 

This helps to maintain the good health of the operator and benefits the environment. The fumes that arise from the cutting process depend on the position of the processing head. This locally passes through a filter system whose purity rate is 99.99% with minimum effort. The outcome is clean and benefits the environment. 

This machine can work 24 hours a day and is quiet at night because of its special Night mode. As the program starts, Z-axis rises into the top position before the processing head moves in starting position. This reduces the risk of collisions. This has a magnetic damage reduction mechanism that secures from any kind of damage.

This laser machine helps to save a lot of time as it is user friendly. It needs a barcode to scan. Once you scan, you just need to start the machine with a simple button, minimizing the setup time! 

Mitsubishi lasers are so user friendly that even a person who does not know how to use them can operate them and has superior cutting results. All chief components display on the screen, so it is easy to monitor them. This has active control, which helps to adjust focus position and cutting speed.

It gives you all the help you need by displaying the remaining time of the process to end. It also has the time forecast feature, which helps to know the exact time that the process will take. Individual programs link with the contours for easy modification.

Sometimes, when the nozzles are worn out, one can easily find an alternative from a very trustworthy source, for instance, Mitsubishi spare parts and Trumpf spare parts. These nozzles come in different types to choose the best for machines. 

Types of Nozzles Used in Mitsubishi Lasers

  • Jet

There are different types of jet nozzles. Gas jet, fluid Jet, or hydro-jet are nozzles that eject fluid or gas in a coherent stream into the surrounding medium.

Gas jets are for gas stoves, ovens, or barbecues. Fluid jets are mainly for the carburetors to regulate the flow of fuel into the engine.

  • High Velocity

The main goal of a nozzle is to increase the kinetic energy of the flowing medium. They are known as convergent or divergent. 

Convergent-Divergent nozzle accelerates the fluid that has choked up in the convergent section to a supersonic speed. 

  • Propelling

The hot air passes through the high-speed nozzle, a propelling nozzle that increases kinetic energy. An increase in velocity increases the mass flow. To match the exhaust velocity, airspeed provides the best energy efficiency.

  • Magnetic

The magnetic nozzle has some type of propulsion in which the magnetic field directs the flow of plasma instead of walls made of solid matter.

  • Spray

Nozzles produce a very fine spray of liquid. There are different types of spray nozzles like atomizer spray, air-aspirating nozzle, swirl nozzle.

  • Vacuum

These nozzles come in different shapes. These are mainly for vacuum cleaners.

  • Shaping

The shape of some nozzles is to produce a stream that is of an exact shape. 

End Words

Nozzles are an important part of laser machines. Whenever the nozzles need a replacement, some of the best companies provide such spare parts. Mitsubishi spare parts and Trumpf spare parts provide different sizes as per the machines.



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