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10 Amazing Things using Laser Machines for your Home

Using laser engraving machines can give a new dimension to your business. It even provides you and your customers a freedom to create almost anything and everything. They are very useful to help you create home decors with the help of laser machines.

Here, we will discuss how you can create your dream decorations for your home/enterprise. Without a further ado, let’s see the things we can design using laser machines:

1. Clock:

Laser engraved clocks provide a unique way to tell time as digital clocks are a thing of the past. Using laser engraving machines, you can engrave or cut them and customize them. You can sell them in restaurants, coffee houses, offices, or even homes. It’s a DIY time. 

Laser engraved clocks can range anywhere between dollar 30 to 80 or more. But, can vary depending on complexity of designs. Additionally, it has a high profit margin opportunity for your business.

2. Wall art:

There is no limit when it comes to creating wall art. You can use different types of woods or acrylic materials to turn your imagination into reality. Using laser cutting machines cut them in an artistic way and gives the correct curve shape and design of your choice. Remember to use laser engraving machines which have Mitsubishi replacement parts and Bystronic laser consumables as they are easy to replace if needed.

3. Custom key holder:

Having a custom key holder can be the wish of many people and nothing is as attractive as it. With laser machines, you can create a custom key holder for your clients. You can engrave according to their requirements or even add your own creativity like the logo of your company, generic designs and many more.

4. Sign Boards:

For signage industry materials like wood, acrylic, or any other are useful. There are a lot of opportunities to design signage and show your creative side in it. You can cut indoor and outdoor signs with high precision, speed, and great quality. You can also easily streamline your sign production using laser cutters.

5. Bottle holders:

Customized bottle holders are everyone’s wish and are in trend like always. They are a booming market product and a perfect space for you to unleash your creativity. Try your hands and create some custom bottle holders for your customers’ home and grow your business.

6. Customized candle holder:

We all want to come home to a place which is vibrant and candles always have a special part to play. Especially scented candles. Using laser machines you can create your custom candle stands or handles. Try to make them as vibrant and creative as possible. Use different colors, designs, and shapes and put them in a proper candle handle.

7. Garden stakes:

Garden stakes are perfect for someone who loves to spend time with nature. Using laser cutting machines you can create custom garden stakes for them. This can also work as a perfect gift for your family and friends. Don’t forget to wear safety glasses while creating them and add your own personal touch to it.

8. Custom Furniture:

There is almost nothing which we cannot create using laser machines. Create a custom cool looking chair for your clients or even for your home. Create a chair, table, or anything and add your personal touch in it. If you are creating for your customer then remembers to add their names, some dedicated designs, and many such things.

9. Custom lamps:

Lamps are the most attractive thing in anyone’s home and they too create a very warm and welcoming environment. Now, with laser engraving/cutting machines you can create a custom lamp, hang, or keep them anywhere. They are best suitable for any space in your homes.

10. Paperweights:

Paperweights are very small things which most of the time goes unnoticed by people. But, with laser engraving machines you can now customize and create them in an attractive way. Create custom paper weights, add unique designs to it, and sell it to your customers.

Final words:

There are multiple custom home decor things you can create for your customers. Personalizing them adds more value to it and helps you grow your business. Laser machines are available from various manufacturers but make sure to have Mitsubishi replacement parts and Bystronic laser consumables. They are easy to replace if and when needed.



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