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Laser Cutter Safety: 4 Best Practices

We have witnessed a widespread rise in laser cutting technology over the last few years. The Laser cutting machines enable you to process a wide range of materials and thickness size in a short period of time. Two major factors that are responsible for the popularity of laser-cutting machines are accuracy and affordability.

This growing popularity indicates that more people have started availing benefits of the machine. With new users in the market, it is crucial for them to be aware of the safety issues while working with the machine. The hazards associated with laser cutting include the possibility of fire and the generation of harmful products that can cause damage to eyes and skin. It is also advisable to purchase machines that deliver safe solutions. Most of the machines that are secure have Mitsubishi spare parts or Fanuc spare parts installed in them.

This post discusses 4 best practices while using a laser machine to prevent hazards.

Beware of Unknown Materials

Generally, people believe that they can use the laser machine only for cutting wood or metal. On purchasing one, they realize that they can also use it for a variety of materials like paper, cardboard, glass, fabric, stones, etc. Once you cut materials like wood or fabric using a laser, fumes emerge which gets blown away with the help of the machine’s exhaust fan. However, the deadly fumes from materials like PVC plastic are hard to remove. The heated fumes from such materials have a harmful effect on the human body if inhaled. It is necessary to be aware of the type of materials before even purchasing the material.

Know Your Machine in and Out

Staying aware is the first step to safety. After you purchase a machine, thoroughly read and understand the manual of the machine. Keep yourself informed about how to operate the machine and what are the safety requirements that you and your employees need to follow. Machines that use Mitsubishi spare parts or Fanuc spare parts have safety manuals and safety training. Once you acquaint yourself with that ask the experts for any doubts.

Cleanliness is a Priority

In any machine, cleanliness and safety go hand in hand. If you keep the machine and the surrounding clean, you reduce the risk of possible hazards. Laser machines release the dust particles from the materials that you cut. These leftover materials, dirt and debris are likely to cause a fire. Regularly cleaning the space reduces the risk of accidents.

Stay Alert When the Machine is Working

A major error that a lot of users make is to leave the machine unsupervised when the cutting process is running. This is because if the project is large, it might take more time and nobody can stand in front of it till the end of the process. Sometimes, the high-intensity beam of laser produces high temperatures. This can even cause fire if the power setting is set too high. You can avoid this if you continuously supervise the laser cutting job. If one operator is away, another employee can take care of the work meanwhile.  

Quick tips

  • Do not use materials that are highly flammable, explosive or produce toxic byproducts.  
  • Do not cut a material that your manufacturer doesn’t approve. 
  • Make sure you are wearing your safety glasses to protect yourself from eye burn.
  • Do not look directly into the laser beam
  • Do not disable the safety features of the system.

Final Remarks

Caution is the parent of safety. Even when you purchase a laser machine, check for safety requirements. There are machines, for instance, those made up of Mitsubishi spare parts or Fanuc spare parts. And safety is one of the most important factors.  After purchasing always be aware and keep in mind these points to prevent any risk.

Stay Safe!



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