Everything about the Growth of Laser Cutting Machine Industry

Over the past decade, the laser cutting industry grew with whooping 3.02 billion dollars worldwide. The growing trend of automation in the manufacturing industry and the demand for the end user are two of the major contributing factors.

If we look at the Manufacturing industries, they need laser parts like Amada parts and Mazak parts with complex geometry to keep their heavy equipment in a working condition.

It consists of major parts of automotive machines, consumer electronics, and other manufacturing industries.

Talking about the change, the laser cutting industry experienced different phases in power, quality, efficiency, and thickness of the material. Hence, cutting thin and thick metals at high speed is a quality possessed by machines.

With the help of laser cutting machines you can work on materials like metallic, non-metallic, and artificial substances. In this method, a laser beam passes through the material to cut it.

Depending on the material, laser produces via thermal stress cracking, melt, blow and cold cutting or any other techniques. It’s also possible to control the laser with a mess of reflective surfaces.

Here, precision is important for the quality that laser has to offer. A laser cut part contains smoother edges and excels accuracy. Due to less operator interference in the laser cutting, the chances of human errors are almost zero.

What led to growth?

Over the time period, urbanization made a huge impact on laser machines. It leads to extensive demand among consumers for final products till the micro level. Moreover, the end-users use these machines to supply high quality products. Hence, the trend of automation is providing warranty to manufacturers to automate processes by including laser cutting machines.

Industrialization is also one of the major reasons for the growth of the laser cutting market. It increases the demand for laser cutting machines from developing countries like India, South Korea, China, South Africa, and Brazil.

This stable growth in the automobile industry is one of the other major reasons which impacts worldwide.

The Production capabilities of automobiles saw an increase in the past decade in Asian countries. This increase in the automobile sector benefits the laser market a lot and helps in growing ahead.

A lot of changes have come in the way of laser machines, like easy maintenance, less human interference and easy replacement of parts like Amada parts and Mazak parts.

In the industry like the electronic sector, it requires precise and accurate shapes which are useful in industrial tools. Additionally, there is prediction that the laser cutting machine market will surpass 5.7 billion dollars by 2022.

Hence, laser cutting machines are growing at the rapid growth in the market with a lot of potential ahead.

Below are the some of the major factors which helps in growth of laser cutting industry:


Laser machines operate fast when it comes to cutting or engraving metals. You’ll need to form a prototype with the laser machines and in a matter of minutes it engraves the needed material.

Easy to Use:

Getting hands-on training on laser cutting machines is very easy. You can use graphic designing software to create a piece of work and process it through the laser. Usually, training for using laser machines happens via experienced users.

Material Versatility:

Laser cutting machines work with various materials like wood, acrylic, fabric, cork, rubber, leather and many more. Fabricators can engrave, cut, or weld any types of materials in laser cutting machines.

Decreases labor work:

If you are a fabricator thinking of growing your business then invest in laser cutting machines. Understanding and using laser cutting machines are very easy. You can teach it to your staff members and start. The positive side is it requires a handful of people to help you start with your business.

Data Storage:

Optical techniques play a major role in storage or high density of data. It supports the principle; when a strong laser irradiates a layer of metal, its optical properties change. The beam focuses on points smaller than one-micron diameter and takes one square micro to record one little bit of data i.e. 100 million per square cm.

Final words:

Laser cutting machines are useful due to its characteristics, easy to replace parts like Amada parts and Mazak parts. Soon, there are a lot of possibilities of growth, advancements, and large sums of ROI.



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