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10 Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Machines

Laser-cutting is a method in metal fabrication. Various industries like manufacturing, health, aerospace, electronics, etc. use laser-cutting. If you work in any of these industries, you will require a laser-cutting machine for making your work effortless. It is a quick and efficient way to cut and engrave objects. Moreover, as compared to other cutting equipment, a laser machine is cleaner, less deburring, reduces waste, and enables you to make an accurate cut.

Investing in a laser machine can be a crucial decision for your business. There are several questions that come to your mind when you make such a major purchase. Therefore, you would want to make sure that your choice is accurate. In this post, we have answered some commonly raised questions by buyers before purchasing a laser machine.

1. To cut which materials I can use a laser machine?

This is a commonly asked question. Laser machines are known for their ability to permanently cut many materials. Once you purchase the machine you will be able to use it for the following materials: 

  • Wood- it includes furniture, cabinets, custom floorings, personalized gifts, etc.
  • Meta- metal in machine parts, jewelry, automobile applications, metal-coated awards, and more
  • Fabric- applications for fabric cutting used in fashion designing or interior design
  • Glass- awards, gifts, furniture, jars, bottles, etc

You can even utilize the machine for rubber, plastic, acrylic, brick and stone, and so on. Regardless of the materials you work with, machines by Mitsubishi Machine Parts, Trumpf nozzles and Trumpf Lasers can handle every requirement perfectly. 

2. What size of the machine is best for me?

Choosing the correct size is important as they determine the ease of cutting ability. But the size of the machine is based on your needs and plans. However, bigger machines will give more opportunities and options to cut and engrave as compared to a smaller one. They enable you to finish more tasks at once.

3. How much space will I require for the machine?

The next answer that people want after deciding the size of the machine is how much space is needed to accommodate the machine. Well, the answer is that space depends on the size and design of the machine. Buyers are choosing space-saving machines from manufactures like Trumpf who have machines that reduce space requirement. 

Note that for better functioning, keep the laser machine in a space that has a connection with outdoors for convenient ventilation.

4. How much power do I need?

Power of the laser is an important consideration. Because the power of the laser determines both the materials you cut and the speed. Usually, higher wattage indicated a powerful laser. However, it depends on the materials that you will be using the machine for. You can choose a standard power laser and then later upgrade as per your needs.

5. What is the average cost of a laser machine?

The price of the machine varies depending on the model type and your needs. If you have to cut thick materials you will need a higher watt laser and that is expensive as compared to machines used for cutting thin materials. It normally costs $25,000 to $65,000 according to different working sizes and configurations. 

6. How much does it cost to run a laser machine?

  • Three factors determine the overall cost of the machine:
  • Electricity consumption
  • Consumable parts
  • Maintenance

7. Is the machine difficult to learn?

Once you have bought the machine, you must also know how to use it. The thought of using a machine might be daunting. But this is not a difficult job because most suppliers like Mitsubishi Machine Parts and Trumpf Nozzles send the team of technicians who assist you get familiar with the machine. Even later, you can solve your queries through the customer support provided.

8. Will I get a warranty?

When you make such a big investment it is obvious you will look for some warranty. If you do basic research while purchasing the machine, you will find that products of suppliers like Mitsubishi Machine Parts and Trumpf Nozzles come with a warranty.

9. How to maintain a laser-cutting machine?

Any piece of equipment requires maintenance. Regularly maintaining a laser machine will keep it running smoothly and effectively for a long time. Some tips to maintain your machine:

  • Keep replacing fluids for better lubrication
  • Filter the air and oil replacement whenever required
  • Keep checking frequently for the sign of deterioration
  • Clean the machine regularly
  • Check if the gas is dry and clean
  • Do beam quality tests

10. Is the machine safe?

Laser machines are secure. If you know how to use them properly and frequently take care of maintenance, there will be no safety issue. 


These were the most commonly asked questions on laser machines. We hope to have solved your doubts. One last tip we would like to share- before finalizing the purchase, clearly set your requirements and long-term goals. Research to get the best machines available in the market for your business.



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