Laser Machines in Electrical Industry

Laser marking is one of the most essential parts of the manufacturing and automotive industry. It helps businesses to keep their products up to the industry trends, help decrease simulating, and develop quality.

There are numerous benefits of laser machines in various industries and the Electrical industry being one of the major industries to leverage its functionalities.

Today in this article we are going to discuss the way laser marking is  useful in engines and electrical appliances.

The major problem with engines is the loss of information when any engine fails. The idea was to install 2D code in the engine case but the major challenge is that it needs many laser marking techniques to mount on the plant.

Let me show you how laser marking is different from other processes for this industry.

Chemical engineering or inkjet processes use inks and chemicals in marking. This has a negative effect on the surroundings and is also costly.

Whereas, laser marking does not use any kind of supplies this makes it reasonable, clean and energy efficient.

The benefit of using a laser machine is that it decreases downtime and extra costs. It is very easy to clean, repair, maintain or replace parts like Precitec spare parts and Trumpf replacement parts.

In fact the marking done by laser machines is permanent and supports the brand and quality of product.

Laser marking provides you with clean processing as it does not need human interference. Whereas, printing techniques lead to burning material by marking.

It is very easy to replace parts of laser machines like Precitec spare parts and Trumpf replacement parts as a part of maintenance.

Laser marking process:

The basic definition is that when the beam comes in contact with the material surface and modifies its features or presentation  —  That is laser marking.

It obtains by moving a low mechanical beam across the material using a technique known staining. This procedure has high contrast marks without harming the material.

Laser machines increase the material temperature which causes oxidation below the surface and turns the material black. It also applies low temperatures to metal to make the surface tough. While doing all these things the surface of the material remains undamaged.

Let’s understand how laser marking is different from laser etching and engraving:

  • It is a rare process and not all places need laser marking services.
  • Another name for laser marking is laser dark marking or laser coloration. And charring for plastic materials and strengthening of metals.
  • There are three types of laser marking i.e. carbon migration, annealing and coloration
  • In medical industry for titanium parts and stainless steel laser marking is common
  • Laser marking is perfect for barcodes, QR codes, UID codes, logos or any other needs.
  • Easy to maintain and replace its parts like Precitec spare parts and Trumpf replacement parts.
  • Now, let’s talk about the way it is useful in the electrical industry.

With the advancement in society, the global lighting industry is growing day by day. Led bulbs dominate the worldwide light market. Laser marking machines become an indispensable tool for manufacturing as it helps in branding.

Light bulb is a solid state semiconductor device which converts electrical energy into visible light. This further converts electricity into light. Nowadays light bulbs are available in different formats like CFL, halogen, led, etc.

We all know the amount of benefit laser machines provide quality and affordability. With the help of laser machines you can mark on both the sides of light bulbs; one side with a brand logo and other side with any specifications.

Today major LED players are offering years of warranty on light products, like street lights, downlights, LED bulbs, and many more. The electronic parts which are against the outer conditions need print of barcodes or QR codes. It ensures proper traceability and enables warranty claims to avoid product duplicacy.

Following are the major benefits of using Laser machines on electric appliances:

  • Permanent marking
  • No consumption of ink
  • Crisp and clear marking
  • Less power consumption
  • High speed marking
  • No need of ink and cartridges

Final words:

Engines and electric appliances are one vertical in which laser machines are useful. Apart from this, we all know the importance of laser machines and how useful they are in current times.

Source: https://www.sooperarticles.com/business-articles/manufacturing-articles/laser-machines-electrical-industry-1784509.html


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