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Benefits of Laser Machines in Garment Industry

Laser machines made their mark in the apparel industries since the 19th century, but with the recent trends and public demands, they seem to have gained some popularity.

Majorly, Laser technology is useful for cutting garments patterns, designer neckties, 3D body scanning, engraving leather, and many more.

The major reason behind the wide application of lasers in the garment industry is because of less cost, flexibility, and trade deals.

Basically, The Laser is an energy source and has an intensity and power that is controllable. The laser beam focuses on a specific angle depending on the application. You can cut a variety of objects ranging from flexible fabric to rigid and strong metal.

Laser equipment is very popular in textile, leather and garment industries because of its accuracy, efficiency, simplicity, and automation.

For example, the traditional cutting tools like band blades, discs, and knives may face some limitations. Especially on the delicate materials as the cutting force can displace the material. This can lead to inaccurate cutting of the materials. Whereas, the traditional cutting methods require an operator to have full attention.

There is a tradeoff between the maximum speed of cutting and accuracy. Additionally, there are other limitations like complex cutting, tools, longevity and machine downtime during tool serving. On the other side, these limitations are not present in laser devices; this helps to achieve efficiency and reduces cost.

Laser cutting is useful in most of the industries as it offers perfect speed, high precision, simple operation and many other advantages in various different fields. But, with the clothing industry, laser machines and its parts like Amada laser parts, Mazak laser parts play a different role. They help in quickly cutting the leather graphics and drawing proper clothing models.

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One of the major advantages of laser cutting operations involves a highly parallel beam to pass and focus to a perfect dot at the high-density energy and gives precise cutting speed. In the garment business, it is important to pay minute attention to the size of the garment. While processing precision, the main purpose is to achieve high efficiency and excellent tailoring.

There are many applications of laser apparel in manufacturing. Let’s have a brief about it: 

1. Detecting Fabric Fault:

Upon the arrival of the fabrics in the production unit, it becomes easy to detect faults using image processing. Laser optical transform analysis can be useful for fault detection in the fabric as the pattern repeats at regular intervals.

The laser focuses on the fabric and uses a fourier lens to produce the diffraction pattern of the fabric. On the other hand, the second fourier lens with the same focal length magnifies and inverts the test sample image.

The working may seem complex, but its application is simple.

A charged coupled device camera is useful to capture the image. It transfers and stores the data in the computers. Computer programming helps in finding faults by comparing the images and converting them in binary mode.

The computer program which is running helps in detecting the faults when the parameters are deviating from the predefined standards. The severity of the fault depends upon the amount of deviation from the standard.

2.Laser Cutting: 

For synthetic fabrics, laser cutting produces the proper edge as laser melts and fuses the edge. This helps in avoiding the problem of fraying which occurs due to conventional knife cutters.

Leather uses laser cutting heavily because of the precision it brings. It is useful to cut the fabric into desirable shapes. Having this for your garments can be a better and cheaper solution in comparison to a knife.

Here, I am listing some of the major benefits of laser machines:

  • Clean and lint-free
  • Laser marking, cutting and engraving all happens in one step
  • The process is simple as it integrates with computer design
  • High working speed
  • Does not require much human intervention

3. Customization:

As the term goes, it is useful when the custom fit garment requirement occurs. It is on the basis of the body dimensions and the individual’s choice.

The major factor for mass customization is that there should be the right measurements. Laser scanning technology uses a single or multiple thin and sharp stripe lasers to measure body size. It also uses the camera to acquire the scene and assist the laser scanner.

In short, to use this feature at its best you need to make sure that the sizes are perfect, and your laser machine is running properly with its parts like Amada laser parts, Mazak laser parts.

Wrapping it up:

The Application of laser machines and its parts like Mazak laser parts in the garment industry is growing rapidly. This heavy usage and acceptance of laser machines bring a huge amount of advantages to the entire fashion industry.



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