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Why Do Press Brake Demands a Knowledgeable Machine Operator?

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Machines cannot replace the human expertise. While machine tools deliver results with precise specifications, the human factor is still an essential part for every operation. Let’s take an example of CNC press brakes. For CNC systems, manual efforts are a compulsory thing to get accurate results. When a press brake executes a specific angle on a bend, it requires human inputs to determine how deep a bend should be.

In the metal bending, it is important for a CNC press brake operator to be aware about the complete work-flow. Because, not every metal piece responds to a bending method with an identical manner. Therefore, a press brake operator requires a lot of details to generate the fruitful bending results. Described below are the reasons that explain why a press brake operator with sufficient knowledge matters the most in metal bending?

To Calculate the Inside Radius of a Bend

Metal bending comes with some limits. It entails two of the major factors which are:

1)    How tightly a piece of metal can be bent before it breaks.

2)    Springback: How far a piece of metal bends back once set for bending.

Now that there is a limit to how deeply the metal bends, it makes the operator’s job difficult. The operator has to account for springback in a metal form, making the initial bend deeper to compensate. The CNC press brake operator has to calculate the inside radius of each bend so the metal doesn’t break and springback doesn’t ruin the efficiency of a work piece. However, the metals have different kinds of tendency towards hardness and strength. A CNC operator needs to consider all these factors and make the formula which works with all types of metals.

To Calculate Press Brake Tonnage Limits

If you are lacking the knowledge about bending machinery, especially for Amada machine replacement parts, you can easily end up overloading and damaging the press brake. One of the articles from highlights the issue that, one unit applied a massive amount of 600- ton press brake to an 8-in. part in the center. This caused a severe damage in center of the workpiece. In such cases, it is important to multiply the distance between the side frames by 60 percent, and divide the result by the machine tonnage. And operations like this demands an experienced on-duty operator. They need to count the calculations of the correct tonnage limits that do not damage the machine parts.

To Maintain the Machines

Maintenance is a vital part of any process. if you want to replace the old machines, you can easily find several options by searching Amada press brake for sale online‘. But when It comes to maintaining the parts, press brakes needs to be managed carefully. The maintenance process includes oiling parts, filter changes, cleaning the debris, checking the machine level to produce perfect bends.

The operator also needs to know the various operations, that their press brake is capable of. If required, Amada machine replacement parts are a suitable option for components which need a replacement in your press brake. Thus, it is critical for any machine operator to maintain the overall working of press brake time-to-time.


Press brakes automate the metal bending process with ease. But along with that it requires a press brake operator who is capable of managing bending tasks in a smart way. The operators surely need to master the complete working of press brakes. Along with the maintenance process to execute metal bending with minimal wastage and produce the best results.

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