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How to Ensure That You Invest into the Right Laser Cutting Machine?


Whether you are a laser machine operator or a company into the production of laser cut parts, buying a laser cutting machine is not something that you indulge into every day. Things are much easier when it comes to buying laser cutting parts. For example, if you are looking for Mitsubishi laser parts, you just have to type the word and you will come across several websites that provide you with the same. But when it comes to buying a laser cutting machine, you need to ask the right questions.

Investing into a laser cutting machine is a huge step. This is because, it just doesn’t end with paying its cost. The machine you invest into will contribute to the overall quality and quantity of production. If you do not consider important factors before buying one, you will have no choice but to put up with whatever you have bought for at least 10 years. Now that’s a lot! So, what are the things you need to consider? What questions you need to ask the laser machine sellers before investing into a laser cutting machine? Let’s study in detail:

Finding the Reason to Invest

“Why should I invest into a laser cutting machine?” this is the first question you need to ask before you start mulling over the application that you need the machine for. The companies that do not have a laser cutting machine tend to outsource the work to other companies. Now, although this scenario does not ask for financial investments and involves lesser risks, there are times when you might have to compromise with the production quality.

The best way to find out whether or not you need to invest into a laser cutting machine is to know the monthly figure you spend on outsourcing. You need to find out how productive can you be if you conduct the laser cutting in-house. Consider the costs of laser cutting gas, labor costs, maintenance costs etc. Once your machine is up and running, you might have to invest into laser machine parts. The brand that you buy also matters. For example, if you go for buying Precitec laser parts, they might render you with excellent quality cuts, but you also need to know about the costs involved.

Know About the Application

Take the manufacturing activities of your company in consideration before you spend on any type of cutting machine. Some manufacturers think that a punching or stamping machine might be able to suffice the needs of a laser cutting machine. Well, this might be a wrong assumption as they also ask for you to invent into other tools too.

An HD plasma system works well for materials in which the edge quality is not important. If you want to cut thick materials and do not want the product to have heat affected zones, an abrasive waterjet also helps. But you must remember that although waterjet and plasma cutting systems are cheaper as compared to laser cutters, they cannot compete with the speed of laser cutters.

Consider Extra Investments

We already discussed about making extra investments like investing into Precitec laser parts. But that is not enough. Some laser machines ask for you to have a software in place before you start utilizing them. Now, let’s say you were already using a laser cutting machine with a software in place before. And after a decade you decide to buy a new one. In an instance like this, you need to find out if the old software will work with the new laser cutting machine or you would have to invest into a new software that your OEM provides.

Also try to find out if the software will work in sync with the network and objectives of your company. Getting all the information pertaining to the nuances of manufacturing will help you to take better decisions.

We hope the above information suffices. Once you mull over the above given points, you would be able to select the right supplier and laser cutting machine with ease. Make sure you ask the right questions during equipment demonstrations, choose the right model, negotiate a good price and you’re good to go!


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