Amada press brake

Operating Press Brakes: An Ultimate Guide for Brake Operators!


When it comes to the profession of fabricating and welding, you must have come across several companies that claim to be the best in business. They also claim that they use superior quality machine parts. However, it would be wrong to tag a company as “The Best” just because it makes use of Amada machine replacement parts or is located in a reputed area of town. Even though these companies boast their work, there are few that are actually good at the art of metal fabrication.

Yes, metal fabricating and welding it is no less than art; as the operators and the fabricators who are truly passionate about their job work exceptionally well at it. This applies the most to brake operators. Through this article, we will go through the list of things that a press brake operator must remember if they want to excel at their job. But before we understand that, let us understand what Press Brake is and how it works.

Introduction to Press Brake and Utility

Amada press brake for sale” – you must have come across this advert a lot of times. But you might not be knowing the use cases of it. A press brake is like a machine tool and the professionals use it to give different shapes and forms to a sheet metal. Now, when it comes to operating press brakes, the operators obtain their training in two ways. One, by trial and error at the workplace. And two, through formal training. However, irrespective of the way they learn, they need to understand four primary areas of their work

  1. The Art of Operating
  2. Understanding of Drawings
  3. Usage of Quality Tools
  4. Knowledge of Press Brake Machine

Now let us understand these aspects in brief:

The Art of Operating

If the operator is a true professional, they shouldn’t confine his learnings to what he has known. It’s better to continue sharpening one’s craft by receiving different trainings and putting new technologies into practice. One also need a thorough understanding of fabrication process including setting up the equipment, clarity of the machine utility, nature of work etc.

Understanding of Drawings

Without drawings, it is difficult to comprehend what is the exact demand of the cutting process. Hence, the fabricators must know how to draw the radius of the bend, bend angles, dimensions of different parts and the threshold of each parts to undergo the cut. Also, it is important to check that the drawings consider the potential of press brake and other parts that they use for the job.


Bad tools are a strict no no if you want to have a quality output. Remember that different tasks pertaining to fabrication jobs ask for different kind of tools. Hence, ensure that you have the knowledge of all the tools and how they work. In case the old tools do not give quality output you must consider replacing the parts that might be creating a problem. It is advisable to go for Amada machine replacement parts as most of the fabricators across the world use them and are known to give quality outputs.

Knowledge of Press Brake Machine

Search the market online and you are sure to find Amada press brake for sale. However, before zeroing on any of these press brakes, you must understand that all the brakes have their own properties and limitations. You need to choose from a variety of press brakes including hydraulic, mechanical, CNC and retrofitted brakes.

Irrespective of the brake type, the operators need to understand the load limits of these brakes and of course the differences and forming times. Unfortunately, some operators are acquainted with the utility of only certain types of brakes. During such times, if there is a need to use a different brake and they exceed the load limit, it can break down the machine and damage the output of products.

We hope that the above guide was useful for you and offered you with enough insights on press brake operations. What are your thoughts on the same? Feel free to share with us.



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