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5 Benefits of Using Lasers for Cutting Metal Products


Greetings! You are probably reading this blog as you are in the profession of metal fabrication. Or, you are exploring different methods of sheet metal fabrication. Well, metal cutting is one of the most crucial processes of metal cutting. And only by cutting the metal, you can give it the needed shape or size. Laser cutting is one of the most popular methods of shaping a metal. Also, by using good quality laser parts; for example, Mazak Laser Spare Parts, you can make the laser cutting process effective.

Since its advent days, laser cutting has proved itself to be superior as compared to other traditional metals. It works flawlessly on stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals. And the best part about it? It is highly – accurate, has a small width groove and a small heat zone that enables the metal cutting professionals to cut the parts they want precisely. Today, we will explore the benefits of laser cutting metal products. Also, do not confine these benefits merely to laser metal cutting. They are also applicable to other products.

A Warp Free Finish

Before the advent of lasers, unfinished edges are warps were often a problem. This was majorly because the other equipment had huge heat zones that resulted into the production of unfinished edges. Further distortion of these products would result into a mediocre production. But as professionals embraced lasers, there were rarely any chances of distortion. The reason behind it were high processing speed and a small heat emitting zone. So, if you seek flawless edges to your metal product, you know what to go for!

Save on Tool Costs

Quite contrary to shear and punch presses, laser cutting machines do not need hard tools. Being a lean method, it minimizes the chances of changing and maintaining tools. However, if you think that you need to replace any of the parts, you can find Prima laser parts for your CNC machines easily. As there is no hard tooling needed, you can cut the most intricate shapes at a much swifter speed. There are several websites that offer laser spare parts at cost-effective rates.

Less Scrap, More Savings

Some metal cutting tools need some space on the either sides of the metal. Which is usually a border of a 1/2″ or more. But this results into a lot of scrap and wastage material. When it comes to laser, if the parts have a common cutting line, you can cut it in one go. So, there is no scrap. Furthermore, if you want scrap free cutting, you can use cutting techniques like tabbing, lead-in, lead-out etc. You can also conduct R&D and find out about the methods that can help you save the metal.

Create Customized Products

The best part about laser cutting is that it provides the professionals with a lot of scope for customization. They can punch huge and small holes and create the most intricate shapes. If you are a sheet metal cutter, all you need to do is conceptualize the design and have a clear idea about the shape you want to have. Thereafter, you can cut the metal sheet exactly the way you want. It is very important to have good quality laser consumables if you want a good output.

Make Last Minute Changes

It often happens that the product might need last minute changes. Now, if you do not want to distort the product further, laser cutters can come of great help. In case you want to make a metal shape larger or need to cut a narrow line, you can make the changes in the software without changing the tool. Thereafter, you will be able to make last minute changes with ease. However, a skill like this asks for a lot of experience. So, even if the tool in question is good, one needs to be an expert for making such changes.

We hope that the above benefits gave you some insights about using laser machines and for your metal cutting tasks. Make sure you make that cut above the rest!


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