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Parameters to Consider While Buying Laser Engraving Machines


If you own a laser cutting business, you must have known that setting up and using the machines is not easy. Even if they work smoothly, you need to investigate the wear and tear as well as the maintenance of these machines. Also, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider before buying them. Go through these tips and you will be able to take better decisions:

Take your own time to research

When I say research, I do not just mean that you need to start searching on machines and suppliers. You should also be aware of your business and its requirements. After all, laser machines are a huge investment and there are a lot of machine types available in the market. All the machines have different laser spare parts, sizes, and functionalities. Hence, you must know the utility or tasks you want to put it through. Just so that you know, bigger machines enable you to cut through bigger materials and so on.

It is also advisable to conduct your research on distributors and suppliers and find out about the companies that have a good review. You can also enquire with them about Mazak laser parts, Amada and Bystronic Laser Parts etc. so that you can know how much you will have to spend on spare parts after buying the machine.

Consider the Environment

You need to consider both internal and external environmental factors before buying these machines. Factors like humidity play a huge role in deciding the air system and compressor of the machine. So, find out about the humidity levels in your region. Also, ensure that you have enough power supply spots as well as plugs so that you can install other equipment along with the laser machine. It can include anything right from a computer to a drainage system.

The room that you install the machinery must be dust free and have good air-conditioning as it is likely for it to generate heat. As most laser machines generate the power through an electric laser tube, you need to release it of electric tension. And for that, you would need an earth cable that prevents it from breaking.

Monitor the Air Flow and Suction

If the air flow and suction support is insufficient, your materials might catch fire and accidents might happen. However, laser machines come with the air suction that lead the fire to set off on its own. Ask your laser distributor’s technician to install an air suction system. This system makes sure that it removes the oxygen and smoke when you work with the laser. You should also install the exhaust at a suitable place so that the surroundings do not get polluted. Also check if the suction pipes have a good sealing as open spaces make the air suction process weak.

Honeycomb for Small Objects

If you are cutting large metal sheets, the cutting area should be okay. However, if you are going to indulge into cutting small objects (smaller than size A3), you might need a Honeycomb. This is because, if you do not have a honeycomb, the objects might fall after you cut them. If this keeps happening, it can create a lot of damage to your machine.

A honeycomb might cause you some money but it is worth buying. Check out with the laser distributors offering Mazak laser consumables as to whether they sell Honeycomb or not.

There are several other pointers you need to remember apart from the ones given above. We will come up with some more shortly. Keep reading this space for more.

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