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Commonly Occurring Metal Fabrication Mishaps and How to Avoid Them?

Working around metal fabrication tools can prove to be dangerous sometimes. A little carelessness can lead to major accidents. Especially when it comes to tools like English wheels, it becomes very difficult to manage if you do not know how to use them in the right way. If you are an amateur, you must follow some basic rules. But before discussing the safety measures to follow, we will talk about some of the most commonly faced metal fabrication injuries.

Common Mishaps

Here are some of the mishaps that can happen if you do not follow safety measures:

Intervertebral disc injuries

Not handling material in the right way is one of the biggest causes of injuries as it leads to causing musculoskeletal problems, minor sprains and intervertebral disc injuries. This happens when you do not follow the right lifting procedures, overlook the established protocols and work for several hours at a stretch.

Musculoskeletal problems

Different types of tools are used for metal fabrication projects. Sometimes, the tools used for these projects have improper design; whereas some of them do not undergo proper maintenance. If you use these tools for more than established hours and utilize them in an improperly designed work area, mishaps are sure to happen. For eg. Using a welding machine for several hours can cause musculoskeletal problems. Also, if the ventilation at workplace is poor, it can expose the welder to carbon monoxide or other toxic substances.

Hand injuries

There are times when a worker’s finger gets trapped in a machine. Sometimes, it also results into losing a finger or hands. The workshop areas for metal fabrication projects are constructed in such a way that accidents can be avoided. For this purpose, different types of barriers are used. A guarding barrier also helps to keep such injuries at bay.

Safety Measures

Above mentioned are some of the commonly occurring mishaps. Now let us take a look at the safety measures you can take to avoid them:

Undergo safety training

Safety training is must for each and every individual involved in metal fabrication projects. Training sessions for handling the equipment, understanding occupational hazards and getting acquainted with working conditions is must for the personnel. The training session should also involve providing information about safety protocol to follow in order to avoid accidents.

Check the working condition of tools

It is very important to examine the tools for malfunctioning and make sure that they are working properly. This is especially meant for manual tools. There are times when the edges of pair of shears are blunt, making it difficult for workers to cut a metal sheet. When using a laser cutting machine, it is also important to ensure that the laser spare parts are in proper working condition. Always use parts from well known brands, for example, Mitsubishi laser parts. Maintaining the right kind of security with large machinery is also very important. Although this kind of machinery is installed by the manufacturer, you must be well acquainted with its features and use it in a right way.

Take precautionary measures

Some precautionary measures must be followed if you want an injury free metal fabrication project. For eg, The workers who are responsible for pushing and pulling metal sheets in the machine should not wear loose clothes or accessories. This is because the sheet metal becomes very hot and there are chances of clothes getting trapped or burnt. Protective gloves should also be worn while handling the sheet metal.

Wear safety gear

If your workers are handling sheet metal fabrication tools, they must wear safety gear including goggles, gloves, hard hats and safety shoes. Also neck and back must be supported properly. This is because if there is a back injury, it can last for several years. So make sure you protect yourself from these potential injuries.

Follow the above mentioned tips and they will definitely help you. Remember, safety comes first!

About The Author

Steve M Glassner is the General manager of Alternative Parts Inc, the leading manufacturer and distributor of various Amada machine parts including LVD Strippit laser spare parts and consumables. Steve is a Machine Tools industry enthusiast and frequently writes about various aspects of the industry.



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