Metal Fabrication

7 Important Tools Used for Metalworking Jobs


The technique of crafting metal into a range of items by making it undergo through different processes is called Metalworking. The processes include drilling, casting, molding, and others which are facilitated by a set of tools. There are diverse tools meant to comply with different metals and hence it becomes vital for the worker to know about these tools to ensure his work gets done efficiently and safely. In this blog, we have jotted down the 6 most important tools used for these Metalworking jobs.


A lathe can be employed to do a number of jobs including the cutting, drilling, sanding, and turning of the metal. It’s a common and essential equipment found in workshops doing metal jobs. It has an axis on which the metal piece is placed to create another object out of it. The horizontal beam helps to position the work piece and do an accurate job.


Nibblers do the job of cutting metals with minimum damage to the edges of the work piece. There are different types of nibblers doing the job differently but as efficiently. These can be manual nibblers, to be operated by the workmen or the powered ones. Metal nibblers are mostly used for cutting steel sheets.

Angle Grinders

Angle grinders are employed to polish and grind the metal after it goes through various cutting processes. It can also be used to cut in the metal into desired shape. Depending upon the task at hand, the discs in these grinders are changed. The large-sized bearings are robust enough to resist the huge force given out during cutting of the metal.

Laser Cutting Machines

With the advent of the laser technology, metal cutting has gone through a drastic change. Laser cutting provides you more accuracy and consistency than any other technique possibly can. With roughly two decades since introduction, laser cutting technology has more options than ever before and there are a host of laser cutting machines (and laser spare parts and consumables) available in the market.


Welding machines help in joining pieces of metals by the process of melting them and using filler to attach them. These are one of the most important tools required to do metalworking jobs and are available in different varieties depending on the work and power source.

Milling Machines

Milling machines are capable of doing various tasks efficiently including planning, cutting, drilling, and contouring. The tasks depend on whether you are using a horizontal or a vertical milling machine.


Metal shears or snips comes handy while doing any kind of metal jobs. They have sharp blades to cut through the metal and works alike a pair of scissors. Broadly, there are two types of snips namely tinner’s snips which is the most common and the compound snips to facilitate the cutting of large sheets of steel.


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