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Advantages & Disadvantages of Laser Cutting Process

Red laser on cutting machine

Cutting of metals is one of the crucial stages in the process of metal fabrication. It’s only after the cutting of the metals that they can be molded into desired shapes and sizes. One of the very popular methods of getting it done is the laser cutting process. With proper use of good quality laser parts (for example LVD Strippit laser parts, or Trumpf laser parts) laser cutting process can be very effective. But like the two sides of every coin, it has some advantages and disadvantages that come along with it. Let’s have a quick look at them.

Advantages of Laser Cutting Process

  • Laser cutting is quick in comparison to other traditional cutting techniques as most of the work is automated.
  • Holding the piece of metal is easier in laser cutting than in mechanical cutting.
  • The cuts obtained by laser are more precise than can be done by any other method of cutting metals. It’s for the very reason laser cutting is preferred in industries that require absolute exact size of metals as an outcome.
  • In the laser process, the metal doesn’t come in direct contact with other metals to facilitate the cut. Hence the metal is more finely cut without any contaminations.
  • In traditional processes where heat becomes the weapon to cut metals, the edge of the metal usually deforms to some extent but laser cutting gives you a fine edge metal cutting.
  • The versatility of the process lets you engrave delicate designs on different metals.
  • Laser cutting process requires less energy for cutting the metals than other traditional methods.

Disadvantages of Laser Cutting Process

  • Laser cutting demands high power consumption as compared to other techniques.
  • The laser beam is very delicate to handle. A slight mistake while adjusting the distance and temperature can lead to burning or discoloring of the metal.
  • The laser beam is harmful if it comes in contact with human workers. It can cause severe burns if it happens accidentally.
  • Laser cutting is still not capable of cutting thick metals.
  • The production is not consistent in laser cutting as the time for cutting various metals may vary.
  • It does not compliment all types of metals.

While you can find other cutting methods which are inexpensive and being preferred since a long time, you cannot ignore the plus points that laser cutting has to offer. The quality of cut that laser cutting provides can hardly be achieved by other methods available for carrying the process.


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