Bystronic laser parts

How Does Laser Cutting Work?


Laser cutting technology is purposely used to cut metal sheets into desirable shapes and sizes. It not only provides superlative flexibility but is competent of moulding metals into most complex designs. Laser cutting is normally done by CNC machines using laser parts. Amada laser parts, Mazak laser parts, Bystronic laser parts, etc are some of the leading brands of laser cutting machine parts.

But what makes laser cutting possible? In this blog, we will discuss how Laser cutting works.

The process of laser cutting is initiated by high-powered and concentrated beams which facilitate the cutting of the design that is already programmed into the computer that is synchronized with it. A focusing lens helps in concentrating the beams into a pin-point and as the super powerful laser comes in contact to the metal it melts or burns the parts of the metal to get the desired blueprint.

A CAD file guides it along. Commonly, there are three types of lasers which are employed to do the task, namely CO2 lasers, Nd, and Nd-Yag lasers. The position of these concentrated laser beams is controlled by a computer program which is called the CNC code. The cutting speed is controlled by the CNC computer or controller. A number of mirrors are used to divert the beams to different directions and are known as ‘beam benders’.

All these initiators then results in the cutting of the metal by swift heating or melting, or vaporizing of the metal. It depends on the power of the laser and the setup being used for it.

There are two types of laser technology which is generally used for laser cutting in the present industrial scenario:

  • Gantry System: This process is relatively slow and is engaged for the manufacturing of prototype of products.  In this process, the machine moves to move the laser across the targeted medium.
  • Galvanometer System: This system is more trusted for the accuracy and precision it has to offer. For the very reason, manufactures use this system for producing the final products to be sent out to the market. The process used by the system uses the method of utilizing mirrors to position and redirect the laser to increase the speed. The process can assist speed as fast as 100 feet per minute.

The accuracy of the distance between the machine and the object being cut is considered to be crucial as it determines where the focal point is relative to the surface of the plate.  The quality of the cut is affected by position of the focal point.

If followed all proper norms and controls, laser cutting is a very consistent, steady, and precise process.


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